The Beauty of Thrift Shopping and Building a Wardrobe on a Budget

There have been times in my life I couldn’t afford to purchase a lot of new clothes for work. More and more people are thinking about economizing but even if they have the extra money to spend, I think a lot of consumers want to buy secondhand in order to reuse and recycle items. Think of all the landfills it’s keeps a little less full each time we pass on that silk blouse than doesn’t fit anymore or we know we’re a tad too old for some of the shorter skirts in our closet (aka the 80s holdovers we can’t let go of). Give it all away and restart. I recommend going to a Goodwill and taking the time to look through a few racks.

TIP 1) The nicer neighborhoods have the better donations at Goodwills

TIP 2) Be ready to look for an hour or more. You can try on things in most locations.

TIP 3) Look for items donated that are brand new with tags.

TIP 4) Look for vintage and classic, staple pieces. It is very easy to quickly find a great pair of black slacks, a pair of khaki capris, and a few cute blouses to begin building your wardrobe.

TIP 5) Look for designer items you wouldn’t normally be able to afford, but do not buy items you can’t wear (love) or that you can’t resell easily, if you are into reselling.


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