Epic Garter FAIL

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So I realized to my chagrin yesterday, as I was rushing to make it to an early morning meeting, that I was out of hose. Me! The “always have your fashion staples” stocked up lady, known for wearing different outfits, choosing carefully at night, matching my shoes, laying out my jewelry, just taking a few moments to make sure the morning is easy to get ready and look put together walking out the door. So I am rustling through every corner of every drawer and come upon a garter and hose that I purchased and hadn’t worn yet…for that romantic night that never happens because we don’t have little children, worse…we have adult children who, if you try to fool around at all, actually know what you’re doing and the thought of them hearing even one little “ooh” or “aah” is a sexual buzz kill alone. To that end, I thought, well I can wear them to work. Thirty minutes later after fumbling with the weird metal plus plastic hook combination, I gave up and put on slacks to make it to my meeting on time. I think they would have looked great and still want to give it another try, but garters and hose are definitely a leisurely “getting ready” endeavor.


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