First Blogger Event at PDQ

My family and I were invited, via my daughter’s blog (follow Sara at on wordpress, as her blog has really taken off…to a new restaurant in our NC area called PDQ. It had an event that certain local bloggers were invited to and she got an invite. Lucky us! It is the cleanest fast/fresh food establishment I’ve been to in a long time. The fresh apples are soaked in pineapple juice (who knew? amazing!) and comes with this caramel/chocolate…kind of cookie dough consistency goop of goodness that was absolutely killer. My family was tearing that up and we are grown! All the food was great:  fresh, not frozen and not microwaved. Thanks to PDQ for the wonderful invite, food and hospitality!

Kathryn pics 256

Sara on the tour at PDQ
Meat is kept fresh, never frozen
Kathryn pics 263
Handcut Fries are soaked several times to remove starch, then baked, then fried
All the dressings are handmade and have no preservatives
Cutest handwashing station, A+ to PDQ from this healthcare professional

 Kathryn pics 242  Kathryn pics 244 Kathryn pics 245 Kathryn pics 246 Kathryn pics 247 Kathryn pics 248 Kathryn pics 250  Kathryn pics 252  Kathryn pics 254 Kathryn pics 255    Kathryn pics 259 Kathryn pics 260  Kathryn pics 262


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