Monograms for children are dangerous

I am a proponent of unique fashion trends, and although I know what my initials are and suspect most people do, I have to admit I am guilty of owning a few monogrammed jewelry items. Although I draw the line at purchasing anything Chevron (monogrammed or otherwise)…yawn, seriously folks, it’s zig zag stripes, get over it.

Tangent over…what concerns me about monograms is when parents put their children’s names on everything they own: clothing, backpacks, lunch bags, etc. It’s dangerous and let’s face it, only Prince George has full detail security watching out for him. The reality is bad people can take advantage of children more easily if they see their names on these items, so protect them by NOT putting their name on stuff. Please!

And don’t advertise the dynamics of your family on your car…The other day, my daughter and I were driving and we saw a license plate that actually read “Me and My 5 Girls”. Really? Why not just put, “Come and Get em!”

Your kids will learn their names and their initials without having it plastered all over their clothing. Trust me. Put all that stuff in their room. Decorate it to the nines. When kids are too little to understand who are and who are not strangers, it is simply not smart to have their names monogrammed on their clothing and personal items. When they are adults, then they can buy as little or as much of it as they want. I would vote for a little : ) but since Mother’s Day is around the corner, I wouldn’t mind anything with the initials below! Hint, Hint!


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