One Hot Mama – Fashion do’s and don’ts after 40

I am proud of being “one hot Mama” as my daughter says. But after one of my friends recently purchased some clothing at Justice, because “she’s so small, she can” [insert snide tone], I hit my limit on what is and what is not okay for fashion after 40.

Don’t be a Hot Mess over 40!

So, these are the tenets I think a fashionable lady should consider:

Don’t wear:

  • Tight jeans with muffin top and/or your bootie showing. At any age, we don’t want to see that!
  • Over 5″ high-heeled, uncomfortable shoes. I prefer 3″ to 4″, in heels only, cough, cough.
  • Shiny eyeshadow… unless you are using it as a luminescent cheek or brow highlighter, or an 80s party, I’ll let that slide if you need to let your inner Madonna writhe for one unbidden Halloween night.
  • Heavy foundation. For all the ladies who are having hot flashes, or like me, just woke up HOT, non-stop [no flash to be found], it can look a drippy mess.
  • Anything too tight or TOO LOOSE. Many women think wearing their clothes bigger makes them look smaller. It doesn’t. Wearing clothes that fit you well makes you look thinner.

Don’t show:

  • Too much cleavage. I love my boobs, even though they are National Geographicee’ and need serious surgical augmentation (I’m contemplating, and a tummy tuck too, oh the blogs to come)… because, no matter how much weight I’ve lost, they’ve exploded as I’ve gotten older (34DDD…ahhhh), so I try to hike them up with good bras and keep them covered up, per the occasion.


  • Try to look like a teenager, buy clothes in the juniors section, or CHILDREN’s STORES, or wear your daughter’s clothes.
  • Care what other people think about you wear. That’s liberating.


  • Cull out your clothing often , then sell it on Threadflip, Tradesy, Shop Hers, for example, or better yet, give it to charity… who needs 25 pairs of similar jeans? We always wear our favorite pair anyway.
  • Have more fun with clothes.
  • NOT cut your hair short if you don’t want to! I will never have short hair. Ever. Just because I’m over 40? Please. But if you love short hair, go for it, just don’t cut it off because your over 40. That’s bs! I will always rock my long, wavy, dirty blonde, lightly-streaked hair.
  • NOT let your hair go grey if you don’t want it all grey, ALL IN, which is stunning. Otherwise, color, color, color that hair ladies! A great hair color is the key to brightening your face and keeping you looking younger, no matter what age.
  • Throw away old makeup and buy new makeup regularly.
  • Eat right, eat clean, and eliminate most carbs. Sugar is bad for us for so many reasons.
  • Try and walk each day, exercise some, and you don’ t have to pump iron at Cross Fit, however, if you do, good for you and kick butt ladies!
  • Be at peace with not being able to wear things that are best left to the junior Fashionistas. They still have so much to learn but we have wisdom. I’ll trade that for uncomfortable, low-rise jeans any day of the week.
  • Wear jewelry that is fun, pretty and funky. Accessories are the cheapest, best way to boost up a wardrobe, generally, or an outfit daily, and just lift your spirits quickly. My dad told my husband on our wedding day, “She’s always right and she loves jewelry!” Thanks dad! You’re right. I mean, I’m right…well, you know what I mean.
  • Bling, baby bling…I will never give up my rhinestones. There can NEVER be enough rhinestones!


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