Memorial Weekend Thrift Shop “Fall Out”

Just like regular retail stores, thrift shops also have seasonal fluctuations. Right now is a great time to thrift for high-end business suits, winter coats, scarves, and accessories because people are culling out their fall and winter unused and unwanted items (spring cleaning!). Yesterday, whilst perusing a local Durham, NC Rescue Mission (all proceeds go to help the homeless, which is a great cause!), I purchased several items in about 30 minutes.

1) Dana Buchman 100% silk silvery grey business suit, looks to have never been worn. Stunning. This is a great basic color that can be worn as separates with other pieces in your wardrobe. $7.99


2) Le Suit gorgeous brocade silver and black long suit jacket with matching skirt business/dress suit. I love this suit, because you could wear the jacket separately with jeans and nice black boots outside of work, or the coat could be paired with slacks and different skirts at work. It’s versatile and so pretty. $7.99


3) From Tulle, an LA-based company since 1999, a 100% cotton lightweight jacket with asian knot closures, super soft, pretty and versatile. $2.99


HauteAngel Thrift Shop Tips:

A. Look for items with dry cleaners tags because this denotes the owner treated his or her items with care. If you purchase, I recommend dry cleaning again before you wear.

B. For blouses, look at armpits for unsightly stains.

C. For slacks, look at the crotch for unsightly stains or tears. Also, look at the hem to see if it’s frayed, if it’s been hemmed, or if the hem has been removed, make sure it’s the right length for you. Most thrift stores have fitting rooms.

D. If there is “anything” that turns you off about an item, ANYTHING, no matter how great a buy it seems, even if it is new, if you are buying it for YOU and not for resale, do not buy it. Leave that great bargain for another lucky customer! Your gut is your best guide. If you wear a size 9 shoe, you can’t make the 8 1/2 fit you, no matter how much you want it to. If you purchase the 8 1/2, it will just sit in your closet and you’ve tied up your money wastefully. I speak from experience.

With that said, I buy for resale too. So if I see something great in another size that speaks to me in every way, “resale-wise”, I’m going to get it. But I’ve learned a lot in that area and been burned a lot in that area too. Especially learning over the years about different designers, such as Louis Vuitton. It takes years to figure out what is real and what is counterfeit and believe me, the counterfeits are getting better and better. But I will be blogging some basic helpful hints on that in the future too.

For now, happy fashion hunting and Happy Memorial Day weekend. Love, HauteAngel


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