Haute Angel’s Friday Finds: Fashion for a Cause

Haute Angel's Friday Finds: Fashion for a Cause

Ladies making bracelets for The Orphaned Earring

This week, I wanted to focus on a site I love that not only sells beautiful things, they use the money to do beautiful things.

Denisse Montalvan, the charity’s founder, was inspired at an early age to give back. She created Orphaned Earring (thinking of those earrings in your jewelry box that just sit there with no mate forever) by taking leftover earrings and making bracelets out of them.


If you find a bracelet to buy, all the money goes to purchase children arts & crafts supplies, school supplies, food and year-round festivities for five orphanages in Latin America. One-hundred percent of the proceeds benefit over 300 children in the centers.

You can also help this amazing charity by donating your orphaned earrings or unwanted jewelry.  The leftover jewelry will find its home as a former earring by being beaded it into a bracelet while recycling materials. Then the bracelet gets sold and together you and the charity have raised funds for orphans in Latin America.

You know the earring that sits at the bottom of your jewelry box? The one laying there without a soul mate, collecting dust and surrounded by lint?  Embrace the loss and allow your orphaned earring do more than what you ever imagined – donate it and see it do great things!


The Orphaned Earring is dedicated to giving new meaning and purpose to your  leftover earrings.  If you’d like to donate cash, the site can direct you how to do it safely through PayPal.

So stop waiting for a miracle, clean out your jewelry box, dust it off and send them your orphaned earrings, buy some pretty bracelets and see all that great Karma and generosity transform into something beautiful!

Happy Father’s Day weekend. Love, Haute Angel


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