Unbelievable. Don’t buy anything from I purchased a $470.65 gift voucher for my daughter and her fiance, a U.S. Marine about to be deployed on his second tour of duty. They refurbished their kitchen for a few months, then went to use the voucher at The Home Depot and it had zero value. The was NO DATE of expiration on the voucher, so there was no way any of us would know it had to be used. The company won’t refund our money. They started saying we used it for two purchases in Arizona when we live in North Carolina and none of us have ever been to Arizona. Then they started saying they’d give me $5 off a $50 purchase. Then they said they’d give me $75. Then they said their site has 60 days terms and conditions, which are nowhere to be found easily on the site when you buy a gift card/voucher. The site clearly says they will recoup the money from the fraudulent Seller. They do nothing to secure these cards and vouchers once they resell them. Nothing. Anyone can sell them and then go use them. There is no recourse. The company is literally helping people steal money from hardworking people and military families, no less. I want a full refund immediately.


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