HauteAngel loves Going Unique with GoGoJewelry


For my Friday Favorite this week, I wanted to introduce my readers to a unique jewelry site called GoGoJewelry. It is unique in that it has handcrafted pieces inspired by nature that are unlike many jewelry stores you will find online.


I am a huge proponent of being unique, especially with your fashion. In fashion, as with everything in life, balance derives the most beautiful looks. I don’t find the Goth look appealing but neither do I find the school marm (chevron stripe everything, yuck) look desirous either.


This site offers jewelry at very fair prices which will become heirlooms in your family. I am trying to figure out which piece to buy for a special occasion coming up in my daughter’s life soon. Feel free to click on the link I provided on the right to see for yourself how beautiful their designs are.


Gogo’s reputation as one of America’s most remarkable jewelry designers is no secret. Her designs can be found in the private collections of noted political figures, celebrities and dignitaries around the world.


Gogo & Hannah create entirely unique and personalized engagement rings, wedding rings, exclusive bridal gift sets and gifts for groomsmen. 


In 1997, Gogo designed bridal ring sets for the late JFK Jr and Carolyn Bessette and hosted the wedding on her family’s Cumberland Island property in Georgia. It was a feat of amazing tact and discretion that allowed the couple a truly private and personal experience, away from the glaring eye of the media. It is with this kind of sensitivity and understanding that allows Gogo Jewelry to meet the needs of the most discerning clientele.


The difference with Gogo wedding jewelry is that her story and the story behind the jewelry itself is what captures the moment and the imagination. Holding a piece of Gogo jewelry in your hands feels like you are entwined with the spirit that inspired it.


Wearing a Gogo transports you to a magical island wilderness and immerses you in the celebration of nature.


Gogo wedding jewelry exemplifies the direct expression for your love of nature and each other.


Working with Gogo and Hannah is a sensitive process. They understand how to communicate the inspiration and excitement that comes from your union, through unique and timeless art. 


On January 17th 2013 The High Museum in Atlanta opened an eight month installation of Gogo’s most famous pieces including personalized wedding gifts donated by celebrity clients. 


Using the ancient method of lost-wax casting; a process by which metal (such as silver, gold, brass or bronze) sculpture is cast from an artist’s sculpture. Intricate works can be achieved by this method, primarily depending on the carver’s skills. Metal casting began in India (now Pakistan) around 3500 BC in the Mohenjo-Daro area, which produced earliest known lost-wax casting, the Indian bronze figurine named the dancing girl that dates back nearly 5,000 years to the Harappan period.


Gogo’s distinguished client list includes a range of celebrities and high profile figures notable in music, dance, fashion, sports, news and government.  


Madison Avenue designer Nicole Miller frequently wears Gogo jewelry, as do her models on the runway and for media events. Miller and Gogo worked together to create a signature scarf for a world-class exhibit of Gogo’s jewelry and art at Atlanta’s High Museum. 

In addition to designing the wedding rings of the late John F. Kennedy, Jr. (the pair of distinctive wedding rings cast from rattlesnake ribs for the nuptials of JFK, Jr. and Carolyn Bessette, hosted by Gogo on Cumberland Island, GA in 1997) and the late Carolyn Besette. Gogo has also created a customized necklace for Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. 


Other political figures who are drawn to Gogo’s powerful designs are Bill and Hillary Clinton and their daughter Chelsea, and George W. Bush, his wife Laura and daughter Jenna Bush Hager. Leaders of France, Japan, Italy, the UK, Russia and other countries attending the 30th G8 Summit held in Sea Island, Georgia in 2004 Gogo originals; Vladimir Putin and his wife Lyudmila became immediate fans. 


Dancer, choreographer and actor Mikhail Baryshnikov is a longtime friend and Gogo Jewelry lover. Well known clients in the music industry include Carly Simon and her son Ben Taylor; recording artist, composer and producer John Forté; singer-songwriters Kate Taylor, John Brannen, Jonathan Edwards and Jimmy Buffett, as well as his sister, chef, restaurateur and author Lucy “Lulu” Buffett. 

Award-winning filmmaker Wes Anderson has purchased pieces from Gogo’s collection, as have are actresses Isabella Rossellini, Penelope Ann Miller, and Goldie Hawn, and tennis stars:  Anna Kournikova and Maria Sharapova. 

Be unique, be inspired, love, HauteAngel


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