No Parlay! Wedding planning, mothers, daughters & hedging bets!

So my future son-in-law is now in Kosovo for his last Marine deployment before returning home, leaving the military after five years and  marrying my daughter Sara this coming June. I’ve been holding off on major wedding “design” planning to give them every minute alone possible and frankly, it’s a little daunting trying to delve into wedding planning amidst Pinterest pinning hell as I’d like to call it at this point.

I’m an avid lover of Pinterest, don’t get me wrong, but there comes a point when it simply muddles the most intelligent bride’s mind to a simpering pile of confused, emotional mush. Sara and Chris are having a Gatsby theme wedding. I was told from the get go, “NO PEARLS!” like the Mom in Silver Linings Playbook screaming at the top of her lungs “No Parlay!” only to be inundated with pearl laden candelabra PINS this week? REALLY? I haven’t bought one candelabra or pearl for goodness sakes.

Then I got scolded for buying 6 large rhinestones for the bottom of  a vase to hold branches I’m going to paint gold, it was just an idea and it was $7 on Tradesy (a great site for wedding consignment sales/purchases by the way) and was promptly told “Chris” doesn’t want rhinestones. Like Marines sit around talking about rhinestones!

Anyway…no rhinestones have been purchased for anything to decorate any part of the wedding, just breathe I tell myself, for that matter no purchase has been made that wasn’t ok’d by both of them, but I’m just breathing, breathe, and breathing some more (Deepak would be proud) and saying ok, ok, OK! No parlay!

In my quest to find reasonable decorative items, I have found a big difference in prices of essentially the same thing, such as glass vases. Now this is for the overachievers who want to do their own floral (and everything else like me)…

We will have 14 tables, so every vase, flower, or God forbid “rhinestone” I deign to look at and purchase has to be multiplied by 14, ouch. So it can really add up and that’s not counting cocktail tables! I am going to be blogging all my finds and DIY ideas all years, so stay tuned. All bets are off, we have a June 27th deadline now and have to get it together, stop Pinteresting, b&%$#ing, and Get’ Er’ Done.

Libbey Elite Bud Vase at Bed, Bath and Beyond 7.5″ high for $3.99 (14 x $3.99 and free shipping over $49 = $55.86)



A 4″ x 4″ bud vase on sale at Pottery Barn is $9.50 (14 x $9.50 with free shipping is $133 and 3″ less in height) $77.14

$77.14 savings

Pottery Barn vase 12″ high with a 6″ diameter on sale for $35 with free shipping (14 x $35 with free shipping = $490)


or Bed, Bath and Beyond 12″ vase with 3″ diameter regular price $9.99 each (14 for $139.96 and free shipping for all orders over $49).


$350.04 savings

Love, HauteAngel


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