New Fall line for Jamberry is out – Buy 3, get 1 free!

  I work with a nice young lady named Kelsey who is also about to be a new bride.

She introduced me to the Jamberry line of nail art.

I normally stick with a basic manicure, but found they offer that too…each set is $15:


As I started looking at the website, ideas started pouring through my mind of what great gifts these sets can make, and also the how many different occasions these cute nail stickers can be used for.

The Jamberry Nails website says each application can last up to 2 weeks on nails, but up to 4 weeks on toenails.

That is great!

Check out a few of their football season and collegiate fan designs:


There are going to be so many cheer moms buying the design below, it boggles my mind!


This Baseball design is so cute!


Sororities will have a blast with the logo nail art. What a great stocking stuffer for new pledge sisters:


For the Bride and the Bridal Party, they have a great selection of colors, white designs, along with gold and silver:



 Check this out for the photography buff. I think I’m going to get this for our wedding photographer:

A291Try something fun and new, then stock up for the holidays on these super cute nail designs. Love, HauteAngel


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