Gypsy Glitz by H&M


H&M has on offer a lot of new arrivals with a taste of what I like to call Gypsy Glitz this fall season. This store can always be counted on for the trends of the season but also will have on offer things other stores don’t have and that is why my daughter Sara and I like to check it out often. There is a sampling of quite beautiful, beaded, embellished, unique items which I am quite taken with. This dress is gorgeous and particularly flatters the hourglass figure, which I have:

Jersey Dress $39.95


Wear it to work, then pair it with a beautiful gold jacket for the night out afterward:

Metallic-finish Jacket $49.95

hmprod (9)

This Kimono jacket is my favorite piece on offer from H&M right now. When I was a teenager, my father purchased my mother a piece like this from Japan (as my parents (and my father especially) often traveled abroad) and I envied it so much. I used to go in her closet and try it on. It was so pretty. This coat is very beautiful too:

Beaded Kimono $129

hmprod (1)

I adore skirts such as the one below because it’s the perfect grey for work, but it has a cute kick with the pretty lavender striping. I would pair it with cute navy or cream blouse.

Melange Pencil Skirt $39.95

hmprod (15)

The black coat below almost has a Russian Gypsy feel and look to it. It is so pretty and really looks warm for the Northerners.

Wide-cut Faux Fur Coat $149

 hmprod (2)

I wouldn’t wear the skirt below to work, but I sure would change into it and wear it on a Friday night or the weekend. It is so cute!

Sequined Skirt $59.95

hmprod (14)

The necklace is a pretty statement piece with any outfit.

Wide Necklace $34.95

hmprod (8)

This skirt would be great with boots, heels, flats, sweaters, blouses, and is a good staple piece to build a wardrobe.

Wrap-front Skirt $34.95

hmprod (16)

This bohemian sweater is very beautiful, although I wish it came in colors. I’m kind of getting over the black, black, everything. I get the whole New York State of Mind, but damn, let’s enjoy the colors of the world in fashion too ladies.

Embroidered Sweater $69.95

hmprod (5)

This skirt is so gorgeous with the touches of soft emerald green and copper. It’s a really good price too:

Sequined Skirt $34.95

hmprod (13)

A suede dress like this blue example is a staple a woman can wear season after season:

Suede Dress $299

hmprod (3)

This beaded top is so gorgeous:

Beaded Top $299

hmprod (19)

The flare of this suede skirt gives it such a Bohemian sixties feel, it is simply scrumptious:

Suede Skirt $129

hmprod (17)

Pair the skirt with cute sheer black tights, a sweet cashmere sweater and some hot little leather, kitten style boots:

Leather Boots $149

hmprod (21)

This embroidered skirt, yes it’s black and gorgeous, is the prettiest one they’ve come out with this season. I am getting it, unless someone purchases it for my birthday by midnight tonight, because I will be one year older and wiser my loves:

Embroidered Pencil Skirt $69.95

hmprod (4)

I am huge fan of faux fur and this jacket is hitting my sweet spot. I got a burgundy faux fur vest last year that was so cute and this jacket might need to become it’s good friend and neighbor in my fall/winter closet : )

Faux Fur Jacket $79.95

hmprod (10)

These boots are an excellent example of cute Bohemian style and stylish boots that are not black too. They also have a hint of doing the “Time Warp”, which really gets me going and if you don’t know what that means, google Rocky Horror Picture Show and get with the program kiddos:

Platform Ankle Boots $39.95

hmprod (7)

Now this is a Cardigan I could wear anywhere, anytime and unlike all the Aztek styles out now that are too defined in look and color to be worn often, this can worn often as the colors are muted in tone, classy and very stylish:

Wide-cut Cardigan $79.95

hmprod (6)

These boots are a nice move-away from the motorcycle boot takeover that everyone bought last year. It’s a twist on it and it’s super cute. I would wear these with jeans or even with slacks at work:

Studded Ankle Boots $49.95

hmprod (22)

This top would be so adorable with any of the pictured skirts:

Short Sequined Top $39.95

hmprod (20)

The top above would especially be nice with a plain, muted, classic skirt like the example below:

Pattern-knit Skirt $49.95

hmprod (12)

I also think the jacket below is a classic and beautiful offering by H&M this season:

Pile Jacket with Sequins $79.95

hmprod (11)

Get Gypsy Glitzy this Fall and please buy more than Black ladies. Let your Freak Flag Fly!

Love, HauteAngel


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