Chronic Migraines…my journey back to health!

Chronic Migraines!

I have just been diagnosed with this after growing up with lots of allergies, constantly stuffed up, have had sinus surgery and had a lot of relief from that. But the last nine months, I’ve had a headache and my CAT scan showed my sinuses are clear. I assumed it was that again and it wasn’t. So I saw a Neurologist and filled out about 15 pages of forms with all my information. She met with me for three hours, which is unheard of in healthcare and I truly appreciate it and thank her for great care. So there are tons of different things we can try to get me better and the first thing she told me I have to do, to my chagrin, is stop drinking diet soda. And not because of the caffeine. Because of the “fake” sugar or aspartame. I have heard many times it’s bad for you and being that I’ve been on a very low carbohydrate diet for a couple of years now, I really indulge in diet sodas and fake sugar in coffee and tea to get “sweet” in my diet.


In a nutshell, she said these fake sugars are toxic and are even illegal in a lot of countries. Who knew? So today was my first day fake sugar-free and I will let you know how things go in this journey to headache-free wellness.


2 thoughts on “Chronic Migraines…my journey back to health!

  1. I have not read many other entries in your blog so far, but have you checked family history to see if TMJ runs in the family? Even if you have slight TMJ, I understand it can be a primary cause of chronic headaches, which can start at any time. You should also look into trigger point therapy, which may help you find trigger points that might help relieve your headaches. Clair Davies has several self help books on trigger point therapy.


  2. Diet soda (and other diet products) are bad for a lot of things. I shouldn’t drink them for IBS issues. I know it’s a bummer because it’s quenches a thirst for something sweet and there really is no substitute. I hate water. (I know, it’s so healthy)


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