Elie Saab, the Master of the Fashiongasm

A resounding home run during Paris fashion week was Elie Saab’s Spring Summer 2015’s showing of gorgeous gowns, full of abundant, rich colors, matching beaded belts, leopard, lace, sequins, stripes, muted watercolors, opera caped dresses, flowing pantsuits, pillbox purses and more.  Saab was born in Beirut, Lebanon on July 4th in 1964, a mere two years before HauteAngel was born. He was only six years old when he first showed signs of his future flair, designing clothes while other children played. His parents thought he might become a tailor but the swarthy tyke instead wowed them when he began to cut out patterns from newspapers and made a pretty dress for his sister.

By 1981, Saab was on his way to Paris to study fashion, but the artist was too impatient to get started on his own clothing line, so he returned to Beirut and set up his workshop in 1982. His atelier started right from the beginning to make evening gowns and wedding dresses and his clothes were a mixture of Oriental and Western styles. During the 1980’s, his collections attracted many clients, including Princesses and his reputation built up. And what Princess wouldn’t want to be dressed by Saab. God knows, this HauteAngel does! His signature style of making garments using rich fabrics, lace, detailed embroidery, pearls, crystals and silk threads put Saab in a league of his own.


The show begins with a mixture of striping and watercolors, some of the striping is sequins and it’s very pretty, glitzy but classy and not overdone.

Then the line moves to a lot of lace and what sexy woman can get enough of lace?

All the lace reminds me of the quality-Belgian lace my parents would bring me when I was a little girl (they are famous for it).

elie-saab-rtw-ss-15-01-_91234500 elie-saab-rtw-ss-15-02-_58680500 elie-saab-rtw-ss-15-03-_05706400 elie-saab-rtw-ss-15-04-_41270700 elie-saab-rtw-ss-15-05-_16751900 elie-saab-rtw-ss-15-06-_53826900 elie-saab-rtw-ss-15-07-_28163100 elie-saab-rtw-ss-15-08-_75086200 (1)  elie-saab-rtw-ss-15-09-_08305900 (1)  elie-saab-rtw-ss-15-10-_54634900 elie-saab-rtw-ss-15-11-_67265900

This powder blue ensemble is so beautiful and feminine. I truly adore these lace pants and these will be all over stores knocked off everywhere this year. I can see it now.


Another homage to the Sixties which cropped up all Paris fashion week is this adorable outfit below:


As for the gowns, well if you could hear the “orgasm” Meg Ryan impression (visualize it, hear it, got it, ok), that’s what I sounded like watching this show….Saab can f’ing drape a woman’s figure like no other designer.

He gets it.

We have breasts, a curve in the small of our back, our legs are pretty, our feet slender, toes cute, shoulders soft,

and Saab understands how to show enough to make a woman desirable yet classy, sexy yet never slutty.

He hits the balance and it feels so right.

elie-saab-rtw-ss-15-14-_11734600 elie-saab-rtw-ss-15-15-_48151000 elie-saab-rtw-ss-15-16-_99895500 elie-saab-rtw-ss-15-17-_98414600 elie-saab-rtw-ss-15-18-_69941200 elie-saab-rtw-ss-15-19-_49124300

I can envision Rachel Zoe with a billboard when this dress came out that read:



Seriously, I would wear this to work tomorrow!


Then Saab stepped it up even further with sumptuous ombre’s, another nod to the Sixties and the tie-dyed generation,

his models also had the soft wavy tresses and smokey blue eyes.


This is my favorite dress in the “gown” collection:


And unlike Hermes’, Saab has AAAAH, COLOR: Emerald Green, Royal Blue, Yellow, Orange, beautiful, love it!

elie-saab-rtw-ss-15-25-_46160300 elie-saab-rtw-ss-15-26-_36276700 elie-saab-rtw-ss-15-27-_25207100 elie-saab-rtw-ss-15-28-_86498400 elie-saab-rtw-ss-15-29-_73270900 elie-saab-rtw-ss-15-30-_41872600

I really want this green outfit, purse and all. So adorable!


Beautiful examples of Saab’s draping abilities:

elie-saab-rtw-ss-15-32-_57937600 elie-saab-rtw-ss-15-33-_10115600 elie-saab-rtw-ss-15-34-_86787400 elie-saab-rtw-ss-15-35-_31390000 elie-saab-rtw-ss-15-36-_66438900 elie-saab-rtw-ss-15-37-_37123700 elie-saab-rtw-ss-15-38-_61195700 elie-saab-rtw-ss-15-39-_89570800 elie-saab-rtw-ss-15-40-_22998800

The skater dress in this collection is so killer:


And for the finale, Saab gets primal with tiger striping, hand beaded embellished plunging, sheer gowns:

elie-saab-rtw-ss-15-42-_00573100 elie-saab-rtw-ss-15-43-_33529600 elie-saab-rtw-ss-15-44-_07854200 elie-saab-rtw-ss-15-45-_63977500 elie-saab-rtw-ss-15-46-_46541800 elie-saab-rtw-ss-15-47-_27202200 elie-saab-rtw-ss-15-48-_77630000 elie-saab-rtw-ss-15-49-_85216200 elie-saab-rtw-ss-15-50-_06030500

I need to go take a cold shower now. Love, HauteAngel


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