Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Tokyo – A Few Up and Comers

It’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Tokyo and on Day Two, several new up and comers had some interesting items on the catwalk. I will be covering each day and showing you my take on as many designers as possible. Stay tuned for a special giveaway coming this Monday from an Affiliate of HauteAngel’s, Noir Jewelry, too!



Designer Profile:

After graduated from a university, entered Bunka Fashion Guraduate University, via Bunka Fashion College. While in BFGU, presented exhibitions and shows in Paris, Wien and Russia. The brand has started in 2011 at the same time as guraduated from BFGU.

Brand Profile:

“Progressive Evolutuion” is the concept of the brand which is what the naturalist, Jean- Baptiste Lamarck had proposed. With this keyword, It aims to suggest clothes that enable to discover something new in yourself, in the stream of drastically changing era and matters.

runway_00030_x - Copy runway_00070_x - Copy  runway_00130_x - Copy    runway_00200_x runway_00220_x - Copy runway_00010_x runway_00070_x runway_00080_x runway_00090_x runway_00100_x runway_00110_x runway_00120_x runway_00130_x runway_00150_x runway_00160_x runway_00200_x

Haori de Titi

Designer Profile:

In 1991 established STIL with Yoichi Nagasawa, a fashion designer.

Launched “YOICHI NAGASAWA” and“No Concept But Good Sense” from STIL as his partner

Participated in the Paris Collection Week & the Tokyo Collection Week.

In 2011 launched “de TiTi” as a brand for jewelry and Japanese clothing, Kimono.

In 2014 launched “Haori de TiTi” as her own brand, and opened a shop in 4th Floor in Isetan.

Recently her work has been extended to launching “Salon de TiTi” as a lifestyle concept shop, where cultural events were held, and to giving lectures as well.

Brand Profile:

“Haori de Titi” is aiming to designs free from age or genre in diversified lifestyles today.

It realizes relaxed drapery designs fitted to Japanese body shape with remaining and abstracting perfect form structure like kimono.

“Haori de Titi” is specially designed to fit individual depending on each person’s dressing way like “haori”, and it creates new form and silhouette.

“Haori de Titi” sticks to high quality and rare natural materials and uses them depending on each item and seek for diversity in beauty of tools.

runway_00010_x (1) runway_00010_x runway_00020_x runway_00030_x runway_00040_x runway_00050_x runway_00060_x runway_00070_x (1) runway_00070_x runway_00080_x (1) runway_00080_x runway_00090_x (1) runway_00090_x runway_00100_x (1) runway_00100_x runway_00110_x (1) runway_00120_x (1) runway_00120_x runway_00130_x runway_00140_x runway_00150_x (1) runway_00150_x runway_00160_x runway_00170_x runway_00180_x runway_00200_x (1) runway_00200_x runway_00210_x runway_00220_x runway_00240_x runway_00250_x runway_00260_x runway_00270_x runway_00280_x runway_00300_x runway_00310_x runway_00320_x runway_00330_x

Yukiko Hanai

KOFUKU – Created and continually refined by HANAI

Forty years have passed since the first YUKIKO HANAI pret-a-porter collection was created in the design studio and atelier of our head office in the center of Tokyo.

Fashion designer Yukiko Hanai stands at the center of professionals specializing in design, patternmaking,

and textiles who are always working in this same setting to bring her vision to life.

Beautiful things are continually brought to life, with the origin never changing.


runway_00010_x (2) runway_00030_x (1) runway_00040_x (1) runway_00050_x (1) runway_00060_x (1) runway_00070_x (2) runway_00080_x (2) runway_00090_x (2) runway_00100_x (2) runway_00110_x (2) runway_00120_x (2) runway_00130_x (1) runway_00140_x (1) runway_00150_x (2) runway_00160_x (1) runway_00190_x runway_00200_x (2) runway_00200_x runway_00210_x (1)

More reviews to come, have a happy rest of your humpday. Love, HauteAngel!


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