Mercedes Benz Fashion Week – Tokyo – Day 3 Favs!

A major highlight of day three in Tokyo at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, let’s get a drum roll….and the Fashion Angels’ sang, “Hallelujah….YUKI TORII” as Coco Chanel puffed on a slender, long cigarette whilst lounging atop a soft white cloud and gave a gentle, classy nod of unquestionable agreement.


The designer began as a costumer then moved into black formal wear, menswear, jewelry and the other numerous goods under brand license. She has long been designing women’s wear. But this line particularly captures the Chanelesque mystique designers reach for but very rarely ever capture. Torri has channeled Coco in this line famously. It is inspired, beautiful and simply stunning.

Brand Profile:

The brand proposes a style that enables you to live a comfortable daily life that matches the mood of the times. The line enables you to express your individuality even further, with simple and modern as themes.

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coarzon del alma

Designer Profile:

Nobuhide Koi graduated from Parsons The New School for Design. He started his career at Bill BLASS as a designer, then joined design teams in Prada and Versace. After returning to Japan, he worked for apparel companies as a creative director. His own brand, “corazon del alma” was launched in the 2007 Spring/Summer. He admires the adventurous and exquisite sensitivity of the Japanese culture, and keeps making clothing fused with the Japanese traditional craftsmanship. He also designs unique motifs inspired by the ocean and the nature.

Brand Profile:

The Japanese fashion house established by designer, Nobuhide Koi. The house proposes a stylish lifestyle with a relaxed taste, originating from RESORT&SPA. The products recall “elegance”, “strength”, “affection”, “spontaneousness” and “relaxedness”. The term “corazon” means “1.heart”, “2.core” and “3.darling, sweetheart” in the language of Spain, the Sunny Country. The brand was named for the wish to keep passionately shining like the sun.

runway_0001_x runway_0002_x runway_0003_x runway_0004_x runway_0005_x runway_0006_x runway_0009_x runway_0010_x runway_0012_x runway_0013_x runway_0014_x runway_0016_x - Copy runway_0019_x - Copy runway_0020_x runway_0021_x - Copy runway_0022_x - Copy

IN-PROCESS by Hall Ohara

Designer Profile:

IN-PROCESS BY HALL OHARA is the brainchild of Central Saint Martins graduates Steven Hall(London) and Yurika Ohara(Tokyo), both achieving first class degrees.

They debuted during S/S 06 at London Fashion Week winning the New Generation Award. They have been participating Tokyo Fashion Week since A/W 10/11. They also do collaboration works and commission with other industries.

Brand Profile:

IN-PROCESS’s core values and approach to design is based around it’s concept “Capturing the energy of a garment that is in the process of being made”.

Both share a love of absurdity and the surreal, this can be clearly seen in their approach towards printing. IN-PROCESS use a whole manner of playful techniques towards printing such as Dadaist Collage, etc.

Their creations are as much about aesthetics as they are about sartorial cheekiness and this is a cross over they seem to manage well.

runway_00090_x runway_00100_x runway_00130_x runway_00240_x runway_00250_xrunway_00010_x (3) runway_00020_x (1) - Copy runway_00030_x (2) runway_00060_x

More highlights to come. Love, HauteAngel


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