Cents of Style Special via HauteAngel

Tomorrow, Cents of Style will offer their leggings for HauteAngel readers half-off with coupon code: LEG50 if you click through this link: HAUTEANGEL  Most drop to $9.97 w/ Free Shipping!

These leggings are soft, not see-through and they keep their prints, they don’t distort all funny on the leg. The cable-knit textured are a personal favorite of mine, along with the neutral feathered print leggings. Here are some styles that will be offered starting tomorrow. Love, HauteAngel

black-polka-dot_large black-white-floral-leggings-cents-of-style_large black-white-stripe-leggings-cents-of-style_large blue-floral-leggings-cents-of-style_large cherries-floral-leggings-cents-of-style_large dark-floral-leggings-cents-of-style_large ginham-leggings-cents-of-style_large Gold_lions_large houndstooth-leggings-cents-of-style_large neutral-peacock-legging-cents-of-style_large taupe-floral-leggings-cents-of-style_large tie-dye-leggings-cents-of-style_large - Copy Union_Jack_Newspaper2_large - Copy Uniton_Jack_large - Copy Web-45-Cents-of-Style_large - Copy


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