I LOVE GOLD….DIY floor cloth!



So these little nuggets of love I call Buddy and Spike are pretty bad about peeing on my floors, especially Buddy. He’s a rescue dog, full-blooded Maltese and had been caged for 9-10 years. He was emaciated, hair long and matted, had all but a few teeth pulled, got microchipped, shots, fixed, the works. After being cleaned up and rescued by an amazing place called Saving Grace Pet Adoptions in Wake Forest, NC, the poor old guy just isn’t too hyped on going outside to pee pee. So we put puppy pads out and take him out A LOT! Spike has an occasional accident. End of story, it’s messing up my floors and they ruined a $500 carpet. Floor cloths have been used in homes since Colonial days. They can be painted in any design you like, then varnished with several coats. If there are “accidents”, you simply wipe them up and your floors are protected.

       Kathryn pics 2449IMG_3028[1]

You will need a canvas floor cloth. I did a lot of research and think this website offers a great product at a fair price. Canvasworksfloorcloths.com

I ordered a 4′ x 6′ canvas floor cloth for $95. I wish I had ordered a bigger size but I can paint a larger one later.

2 cans Valspar metallic with bright gold lid

I had the monogram for a wedding project and just laid it down and used like a stencil. I purchased it from jane.com (the monogram), which is an Affiliate of HauteAngel.

 I laid it outside on some scrap paper and sprayed it all gold.

              005      001 002 003  006 008 009  012010IMG_3008[1]IMG_3027[1]

Then  I hung up the rug to dry. I mixed some darker gold paint and water and brushed it in small, striped areas overall. I painted the monogram silver, added some silver glitter on top and let it dry for several days.

Last step, brush a clear gloss urethane sealer over the whole rug. Let dry and do as many coats as you think is best. I did three and think it was too much. Next time, I would do two very thick coats, letting it dry in between for a few days. Do not do any of this inside, the fumes are not good for you or your pets.



It is not as big as I’d hoped but for under $125 for all supplies and relatively little work, it will do for now.

The bowl is from Grandin Road collection, sold on its own website and on HSN. Love their stuff!

The material for my seat cushions, quasi-Gucci, was purchased on Etsy for a great price and recovering them took about an hour for all four.

I think it’s cute!


Spike, tell Buddy stop pee pee’ing on Mommy’s wood floors!


Love, HauteAngel


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