Cutest Halloween Baby Picture Idea:


Cat Cave $109 from AgnesFelt on Etsy:

il_570xN.558759801_mcnfCat in Cave

From Freshly Picked: Leather Baby Moccasins for $60


There are leather totes to match the baby booties for Mom. For some reason, the Ivory Leather Tote is half the price than the other colors ($120 as opposed to $240 for the pink and other colors)


The Honest Company: I have recently begun receiving organic products from The Honest Company and one of my favorite things I’ve gotten so far is the healing balm. It is $12.95 for a 3 ounce tube, all natural, certified organic oils + extracts + beeswax! Super versatile & safe to use on diaper rash, irritated skin, eczema, minor cuts & scrapes & much more! I have terribly dry hands and really like this balm.

I also adore the multi-surface grapefruit cleaner. It smells heavenly and is all natural, so good for your home, pets, kids and the environment. It’s $5.95 and you can buy a concentrate to add water to once you decide you like it, as you can with their other products, which reduces overuse of plastic (or rather, reuse of it!)

I also noticed the company just introduced these adorable mini diaper cakes for $39.95, which includes:

  • Size 1 Diapers (35 pieces) – premium ultra soft, ultra absorbent, eco-friendly disposable diapers
  • Shampoo + Body Wash (0.75 fl. oz.) – ultra-pure, tear-free, 2-in-1 cleanser to gently cleanse, moisturize, and nourish head to toe
  • Face + Body Lotion (0.75 fl. oz.) – nourishing, calming, and hydrating moisturizer with chamomile and calendula
  • Organic Healing Balm (0.75 oz.) – organic, soothing protection and relief for diaper rash and sensitive skin
  • Laundry Detergent (2.0 fl. oz.) – ultra pure, gentle, and hypoallergenic for cleaning, stain fighting, brightening, and softening
  • Wipes (10 ct.) – premium all natural cloth wipes in the perfect travel size!

This is a great, colorful and useful baby shower gift. There is also a really big one with more products/diapers for $124.95. Two or three people could go in on this gift and it makes such a wonderful centerpiece for a baby shower too, which saves on decorating money.



And my favorite thing of all, in any season: FAMILY

Kathryn pics 2452Kathryn pics 2507DSC_4028

Happy Halloween and love, HauteAngel



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