On November 19th, Burberry will receive the 22nd Rodeo Drive Walk of Style Award, shortly after it opens its new Rodeo Drive flagship store on the 7th.

The award was established in ‘03 by the City of Beverly Hills and the Rodeo Drive Committee. It honors individuals and brands deemed to have contributed significantly to the fashion world, design and costuming. Previous recipients include Valentino Garavani, Giorgio Armani, Missoni, Mario Testino and Tom Ford.


Founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry, the brand is known its outerwear heritage, signature plaid design, and an iconic trench coat.


When Thomas Burberry invented gabardine, the Burberry brand was built by clothing celebrated people such as adventurers, mountain climbers, and aviators.  

Thomas Burberry 1856

The adventurers who wore his coats pushed the boundaries of human experience and thus, the branding was ahead of its time in understanding advertising needs to be edgy, sexy and inspiring to the consumer.

SledginginBgabardinesuits  1BurberryStore

Its marketing campaigns moved from the outdoors to utilizing musicians, actors and models, intertwined through the decades.

The Burberry Prorsum label launches under creative director Roberto Menichetti1998  The BS-SCampaign featuring British model Stella Tennant1999 KateMoss1999  KateMoss2  Kate Moss

'06 Campaign  '06-150yrcelebration  '07S-Scampaign  '08  '09  '09EmmaWatson Emma Watson                    '10EmmaWatsoncampaign  '11  '11edgycampaign  '12  '12BritishactorEddieRedmayneandmodelCaraDelevingne '13RomeoBeckhamwCEOChristopherBailey Romeo Beckham

'14ActorsMusiciansModels  14Top

Christopher Bailey joined Burberry as its design director in May of 2001. From the beginning, his vision has been applied to all aspects of the brand:  collections, brand imagery, consumer-facing activities, creative marketing, architecture, consumer technology and digital innovation.

He established the Burberry Foundation, which is said to help young people realize their potential through the power of their creativity. It leverages Burberry’s innovative culture to assist young people in acquiring the confidence to achieve their d

usheadquartersny444Madisonave U. S. headquarters in New York City

In November 2009, Bailey was named Chief Creative Officer and last May was also appointed the company’s CEO. This new role combines his creative position with a responsibility for creating and delivering the next chapter in Burberry’s overall strategic development.

Backstage at the Burberry Prorsum Womenswear Spring Summer 2015 Show - Copy Burberry Prorsum Womenswear Spring Summer 2015 Sho_001 - Copy  Burberry Prorsum Womenswear Spring Summer 2015 Show Final_001 Burberry Prorsum Womenswear Spring Summer 2015 Sho_002 

Prior to his appointment at Burberry, Christopher was the Senior Designer of womenswear at Gucci in Milan from 1996 to 2001. From 1994 to 1996 he was the womenswear Designer at Donna Karan. At only 43, Christopher Bailey is young to have accomplished so much and clearly has the drive and creative genius to keep Burberry on the forefront of the fashion industry.


Burberry debuted its Prorsum Womenswear Spring/Summer 2015 collection live from its custom-built venue in London’s Kensington Gardens. The collection was named ‘The Birds and The Bees’ and included bright book cover designs, oversized butterfly prints and hand-drawn honeybees. British singer-songwriter James Bay performed the live soundtrack to the show.

The Birds and The Bees make-up look featured an iridescent glow, tawny eyes with nude hues and ruby red lips. 

00010h_304x456 (1)00020h_304x456 (2)00050h_304x456 (2)00070h_304x456 (2)00100h_304x456 (1)00120h_304x456 (1)00150h_304x456 (1)00220h_304x456 (2)00230h_304x456 (2)00400h_304x456 (1)00380h_304x456 (1) 00350h_304x456 (2)

The brand also introduced nails on the models in shades of blue, green, azalea and hydrangea pinks.


The collection of fabrics featured printed honey gabardine, dégradé silk and suede, wing-pleat tulle, butterfly printed satin, iridescent sequins, indigo denim, glossy shell leather, shearling, textured silk. Colors featured were poppy red, fern yellow, pale sweet pea, dragonfly blue, beetle green, and rosehip.

I enjoyed most of the collection, but the sheer blouses and skirts weren’t very practical for women. Maybe with beautiful silk slips underneath? But I doubt many women are going to go out with sheer blouses and no bras on. This is simply a “runway” titillation.

00010h_304x45600020h_304x456 (1)00020h_304x45600030h_304x45600040h_304x45600050h_304x456 (1)00050h_304x45600060h_304x45600070h_304x456 (1)00070h_304x45600080h_304x45600090h_304x45600100h_304x45600110h_304x456 (1)00110h_304x45600130h_304x45600140h_304x456 (1)00140h_304x45600150h_304x45600170h_304x45600180h_304x456 (1)00190h_304x45600200h_304x456 (1)00470h_304x45600480h_304x45600490h_304x45600500h_304x45600500h_426x63900520h_304x45600540h_304x45600570h_304x45600590h_304x45600610h_304x45600640h_304x456 (1)00650h_304x45600680h_304x45600700h_304x45600730h_304x45600770h_304x45600780h_304x45600820h_304x45600870h_304x45600960h_304x45600970h_304x45601000h_304x45601050h_304x45601070h_304x45601100h_304x45601140h_304x45601160h_304x45601200h_304x45601210h_304x45601220h_304x45601240h_304x456


The collection included a new Burberry bee purse (and mini version), book cover print pouches, field sneakers and sandals, and a dragonfly belt.

Eyewear: The new Burberry Butterfly Shades are now available for purchase and monogramming exclusively at Sunglasshut.com

00040h_304x456 (1)00160h_304x45600210h_304x456 (1)00230h_304x456 (1)00340h_304x456 (1)00440h_304x456 (1)00510h_304x456 (1)00620h_304x45600640h_304x45600790h_304x45600810h_304x45600840h_304x45600860h_304x45600890h_304x45601090h_304x45601110h_304x45601260h_304x456


00510h_304x456 (2)00530h_304x45600570h_304x456 (1)00600h_304x45600610h_304x456 (1)00670h_304x456



To have begun with great outerwear to a really sexy, fun brand over this many decades is why Burberry is so well known. It stays true to its heritage while embracing the future, technology and creativity in all its forms. Love, HauteAngel



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