House of dvf-celebrating freedom

Premiers tonight on E at 10/9 p.m. central. After watching it on demand today, ahead of time, here’s my thoughts on this new television show (Spoiler Alert!):

Eight young women from different backgrounds compete for the highly-coveted position of Global Brand Ambassador for the incomparable fashion designer and self-ascribed label, Diane von Furstenberg (“DVF”)


TEN become EIGHT

First of all, they brought ten girls in knowing they wanted eight. That was pretty cruel but the fashion industry, and business itself, can be ruthless. One got dehydrated and fell out, plus prior to that, she kept looking at her phone when Executives were speaking and was out. That was fair.

The other was a model named Coco and said about herself, “I am me and people say to me, yeah, you are Coco.” What? Did she mean she’s like Coco Chanel? Or is she too stupid for words. She was out, Heidi Klum style, and I for one, was glad. That was one quote too many from Coco.

Plus, she looked like she was breaking out in hives while speaking to Ms. Furstenberg and it was hard to watch.


Amanda Schauer – A Drexel University design and merchandising student. Topping her fashion wish list, she would own, ‘”DVF wrap romper and a Chanel bag.” At least she threw DVF half of her wish but come on girls, get creative and please, be respectful.  rs_640x640-141030111112-10632062_705629502823542_850759409_n

Abigail Petit-Frere – For the last 4 years, has worked as a freelance wardrobe stylist. Graduated from Orlando Tech in the fashion technology program in 2011. Intelligently not ascribing love to any particular brand, her fashion wish list top desire is for some “sick, thigh-high boots!”

Abigail Petit-FrereNUP_164743_0036

Kier Mellour– Fashion Blogger. Discussion of Ms. Mellour gleaned the dumbest comment of the first show, from a DVF employee who asked, “Did she sell all of the eggs?” when it was announced the young writer had sold her eggs to attend NY Fashion Week. Really?

Mellour said top on her fashion wish list is a black Chanel classic 2.55 double flap bag with CC turn closure and gold hardware, not what I would want to hear if I was Diane von Furstenberg.

Lenore Genovese – attending Fashion Institute of Technology, after obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management at St. John’s University in Staten Island. Topping her fashion wish list, Genovese said she would purchase, “DVF Resort 2015 printed coat for the winter!” 

Can you say IN IT TO WIN IT!

Codi Critchfield – married and Mormon, straight from Utah, Mrs. Critchfield is a Fine Art student at John’s Hopkins University, when asked what topped her fashion wish list, she thoughtfully answered, “Right now I’m looking for a vintage fur coat for the winter!”  Smart lady!

Codi ChritchfieldMormon

Jinna Yang –Studied PR & Communication at Virginia Tech, started a blog called GreaseandGlamour, which led her to work with brands like D&G, Sunglass Hut, Alexander Wang and Guess. Topping her fashion wish list is “an awesome printed coat.”  Makes sense for NY.

Brittany Hampton-minored in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing at City College of SF. Transferred to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in SF in 2010, graduated in 2012 with an Associate’s in Fashion Design. When asked what tops her fashion wish list, she said “The Max Mara ‘Manuela’ Camel Hair Coat that I’ve wanted since last year.” 

Well then, go be an ambassador for Max Mara, right?  All these young women are going to admire lots of designers and wear all they can afford too, but this is an interview about becoming DVF’s brand ambassador. It just infuriated me, the gaul to think you can win something so coveted but give your props to another designer. We’ll see how that works out for them.



So the first show brings the women together at a bar and (insert reality show formula: twenty + year olds + alcohol = bad behavior, gossip and stupidity). One immediately said it was her birthday, so she was going to need to drink a lot. Control yourself, it’s a business meet-up.


So in the first show, we learn that you should not look at your phone in meetings and when people above you (or below you) in business meetings or meet-ups are speaking, don’t speculate that a person got drunk the night before or is on drugs because he or she gets sick, and don’t assume a girl can’t have edge because she has religion.

Also, don’t judge a book by its cover or a girl by her tattoos.


Least experienced, Warkenthien has some modeling and retail background. When asked what tops her fashion wish list, she said, “It’s so cliché but of course, Chanel. Chanel anything.”

Yes, it is a cliché answer ladies, you’re vying for a position at DVF not Chanel!

But this tatted-up darling made the cut and seemed very sincere, crying and realizing she almost got the axe. I’ll let you watch and see why. It’s not her ink.

Diane is really taken with her and all the tears, so time will tell if Warkenthien takes it all.

TiffaniTiffani-Amber Warkenthien

Love, HauteAngel


5 thoughts on “House of dvf-celebrating freedom

  1. I usually don’t watch elimination shows, but with DVF involved, I HAD to check it out.

    I think Coco would have been a good ambassador if she just cut the crap.

    I don’t think the married girl should even be there. Suppose she gets the gig. She’ll be gone from home 98% of the time. How’s that going to fly with her husband? And I’m not sure how devout she is, but I don’t see her being able to be around fashion people (recreational drugs, ambiguous sexuality, cattiness).

    I like Abigail, but she’s not a DVF girl. Sorry.

    I don’t like Kier. Something isn’t right about her.

    Tiffani-Amber is the token girl. “Oh, she doesn’t look like a typical fashion girl. Oh, she’s inexperienced. “Oh, she cries because she hasn’t learned how to process when bad things happen in life.” She’s not a DVF girl. Point.Blank.Period.

    Lenore is just too…tacky (I said, “Thank Gawd!” when they told her to take off that damn choker. like, I haven’t seen anything tacky like that since the 90s). She’s a sweetie, but no. Not a DVF girl. She’s polish-able though.

    So far, I like the other 3 girls, but don’t know enough to really form an opinionated opinion (if that makes sense).


  2. I find this show a bit painful. The girls seem to have so little understanding of how to achieve their goals. It is like watching newly hatched birds at risk for falling out of the nest. Diane von Furstenberg did though invent the wrap dress for working women, back in my day.

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