Be Good opens in Raleigh, nc

This is a restaurant review of the new begood in Raleigh, North Carolina, but before I wax poetic about the awesome food, it is ironic this new Raleigh, NC restaurant has been opened under the management of one of my best friend’s husband, Matt Westcott, because the concept of this establishment began with two friends. Anthony and Jon were two best friends who grew up eating in their uncle’s kitchen. Anthony’s Uncle Faris served them great homemade food. Inspired by this childhood memory, fifteen years later, they started a business together around a simple idea – make fast-food “real” by making it the way it should be… by people, not factories. And now one has opened in Raleigh!



Becky, my friend, and I have been buddies for about 13 years. We’ve gone to the same church, had girls on cheer teams and in pageants together (see below, Sara, Kimsley and Miranda). My friendship with her led to me also becoming friends with my other best bud, Melinda. Life is crazy and beautiful that way.


So last night, my daughter Sara and I met Becky and Melinda, her husband Mike and had a wonderful dinner at the new begood in Raleigh. They have a farm to table concept and utilize local vendors and brands, which I love.


You can order online too and that is a great feature for all families. One thing I noticed about the restaurant is it’s not your average burger joint. They also offer kale & quinos bowls, seasonal salads, smoothies and shakes, sweet potato and regular fries (pre-baked then fried so a lot less calories), burgers, sides, along with beer and wine.


Becky and Kimsley                                       Becky and Miranda


I had the ADOPTED LUKE burger with mushrooms, caramelized onions, smoked gouda, and bbq sauce. Sara (not adventurous eater) had a plain cheeseburger and sweet potato fries. I got the regular fries and we both had shakes. It was so good and we all laughed and talked for a couple of hours about old times, new times, my daughter’s upcoming wedding. It was such a great night. Kimsley was working and she is hilarious. I adore her. Matt made sure we all had everything we needed and we really appreciated that special attention.



The restaurant has a philanthropic focus too, offering grants for good people with good ideas.

The foundation is focused on the principle that everyday people inherently want to “be good”, the b.good Family Foundation’s mission gives micro-grants to enable individuals to make positive change in the community. Long story short, they’re on a mission to help real people with great ideas do good.

Who can’t get behind a great place filled with great food, friends and a generous spirit!

Go see how great it is for yourself and be  good!

Raleigh, NC
Midtown Park at North Hills
(I 440 at Six Forks Road)
201 Park at North Hills, #100
View Map
Phone: 919-916-5410
Monday-Sunday: 11am – 9pm

Love, Haute Angel


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