Glossier Raises $8.4M Led By Thrive To Take On Beauty And Cosmetics With Verticalized Approach


Glossier, a New York-based startup that sells a simple, very curated line of beauty products, is taking $8.4 million in venture funding to pursue a tried-and-true strategy that many other e-commerce brands like Warby Parker have followed.

What is it?

Basically you take a staid product line, preferably a utility or necessity like eyewear or men’s razors, and then you verticalize production and go purely or primarily online for marketing and distribution under a shiny new brand. That’s in essence what both Warby Parker and Harry’s have done.

Now Thrive Capital, the firm that’s backed both of these companies, is leading the round in Glossier.

The company, led by Emily Weiss (above), already has a built-in audience. A former styling assistant for Vogue, Weiss broke off and did her own beauty media company called Into The Gloss that reaches 1 million uniques per month.

“After listening to women about their beauty shopping habits for years, we…

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