I spent a great day with my daughter Christmas shopping at a mall in Raleigh filled with stores bursting at the seams with crowds, gorgeous clothes, pretty shoes, and sparkling jewelry. But the most beautiful thing we saw were the beagles from Triangle Beagle Rescue of North Carolina. This lovey below fell for my daughter Sara, which many a man has over the years (her fiance’ is a lucky guy, if I say so myself), and she’s been blind from birth. Santa and Mrs. Claus brought out several Beagles who are personal pets and having two beagle mixes herself (Roxy and Harlow), it was love, love, love. But as I said before, these are personal pets and she couldn’t bring yet another puppy home. It was great seeing them though.



We watched from the balconey as proud parents deposited in Santa’s lap twins, screaming babies, happy little ones, and it was delightful. Of course, I’m not lugging a diaper bag and a stroller around anymore…so it’s a bit easier to laugh with all my “adult children” freedom.


We had some laughs at the silly things for sale, like “Flask Zilla”…yeah, that would put me under the table for sure. There were so many thing to buy, but we didn’t overspend. I got a Teavana tumbler with a steeper inside and a wonderful aromatic and tasty Chai tea to use with it. It smells so good!


I wanted to thank one of my Affiliates Gigi’s of New York, as they sent me an incredible, monogrammed, brown leather Iphone/credit card holder. It’s so nice and I love it!


The best thing about the day was being with my daughter. We had a lot of laughs, then a great salad and watched a movie before I headed home. There is nothing that I could ever purchase that would make me as happy as spending time with a family member.

Have a wonderful Sunday tomorrow, Love, HauteAngel


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