DIY Magnolia wreath


For those of us in the South where Magnolia trees are abundant, there are a lot of DIY Magnolia projects one can do on the cheap. For instance a Magnolia wreath for your front door is beautiful at Christmas and pretty easy to make. Magnolia leaves dry beautifully and actually turn a gorgeous color gold. You can preserve the leaves and utilize them in projects that last a very long time. For this wreath, I did not go through that process but will post later how to do that too. Promise.

One thing I see often on DIY Magnolia leaf projects is the advice to cut branches off your tree to utilize the leaves. I’m not sure what the thinking is for this because the leaves are very, very easy to break off. I recommend taking a box outside and breaking off leaves at the bottom and the back of your tree (I have a yard where my tree has a “backside” unseen) so that you leave the bulk of the fullness of your tree in the front and middle unmarred. Also, people make these wreaths out of the dried leaves which have already turned. You can do that but it’s harder because the dried leaves can break. The fresh leaves are super easy to handle and don’t break easily.



Things You’ll Need

  • Wreath (grapevine is best), Pruning shears (I just pluck the leaves off by hand), Floral wire, Wire cutters, Ribbon, Glue gun and glue sticks

My husband made me a grapevine wreath quickly outside (he’s an artist and handy that way) but you can get one at Michaels or AC Moore for $5 – $20, depending on the size. The straw ones make a huge mess and I don’t recommend them.

STEP ONE: Gather your leaves, whether fresh off the tree or dried from the ground (will be gold)

STEP TWO: Wrap 4-5 leaves with wire around the stems, so you will end up with a lot of wired bunches of leaves. You can always run outside to get more if you run short.

STEP THREE: Glue down each bunch at the stem with your glue gun where you want it on the wreath. Be careful not to let hot glue drip on anything important if you are using the grapevine type wreath. I like these the best because you can insert the stemmed bunches where you want them easier and they hold in place better.

STEP FOUR: After you glue a stemmed bunch down, wrap the stems around the wreath with the wire, don’t cut it, just keep it going until your done. If you want to cut it, that’s fine too. Grapevine wreaths also allow for you to wrap wire tighter and through the vines. I like that about them!


If you don’t have wire cutters like this, scissors will work but it will make them dull and this will make your husband or significant other cranky, trust me.

STEP FIVE: Glue, wrap wire, glue, wrap wire, round and round placing the leaves where you want them. You can add a ribbon to hang, or a bow for decoration, pinecones, berries, whatever you like. I like it plain.

I found a wreath exactly like this on Etsy for $170. It is pictured below:


This is my wreath below. It probably cost me $2 worth of glue and wire, literally.


You can do it! Love, HauteAngel

Magnolia leaves are non toxic, but they should not be eaten. Don’t rub your eyes when working with any plant, branches or leaves. Wash hands well when done.


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