alexander lewis’ feminine whiles

In his Pre-Fall 2015 runway show, Brazilian-American designer Alexander Lewis proves he is back where he belongs, his designs in womenswear are timeless, feminine and will remain classics for the lifetime of a lady’s wardrobe. 


Lewis was educated at Harrow before attending the University of Southern California, where he worked for two years with Cameron Silver of the famed haute couture vintage boutique, Decades. It was there that his love and appreciation for lost techniques in clothing design were awakened.


Lewis then assisted Andre Leon Talley, Editor-at-Large of American Vogue. Their friendship and work revealed to Lewis the importance of fashion knowledge. Based on career advice and counsel from Lisa Love, West Coast Editor of Vogue, Lewis returned home to London to pursue purely technical training at Norton & Sons on Savile Row. After two years as a pattern cutter in the bespoke house, Lewis assumed the role of Head of Brand at E. Tautz before leaving in 2011 to found his own label.


Lewis took us to Palm Springs, California with his Resort collection. Iridescent pastel colors, marbled jacquards and geometric-style prints were incorporated into minimal separates: evocative of a hazy afternoon spent playing golf on the links. Yet there was a hallucinogenic hint of Coachella in the foil leather mini-skirt and blue organza dress, whilst the super-clever cottons, that mimicked denim, are an office-wear innovation.


In 2012, Alexander returned to his first love, womenswear. His debut collection for Resort 2013 instantly established the Alexander Lewis point-of-view:  razor-sharp tailoring and a fanatical eye for detail, taken from his time on Savile Row, fused with a sexy insouciance all Lewis’ own.


The collection also proved Lewis’ as a bona fide textile designer, with luxe knits and fabrics developed in-house, and affirmed his desire to do his own thing. Rather than design for fashion seasons, Lewis designs for fashion situations, imagining his women as they sally forth into new and exciting experiences. In so many ways, the possibilities are limitless.

Pre-2015 Runway Show

Alexander_Lewis_006_1366Alexander_Lewis_007_1366Alexander_Lewis_008_1366Alexander_Lewis_009_1366Alexander_Lewis_010_1366Alexander_Lewis_012_1366Alexander_Lewis_013_1366Alexander_Lewis_014_1366Alexander_Lewis_015_1366Alexander_Lewis_017_1366Alexander_Lewis_018_1366Alexander_Lewis_019_1366Alexander_Lewis_020_1366Alexander_Lewis_021_1366 (1)Alexander_Lewis_021_1366Alexander_Lewis_022_1366Alexander_Lewis_023_1366Alexander_Lewis_024_1366Alexander_Lewis_001_1366Alexander_Lewis_002_1366Alexander_Lewis_003_1366Alexander_Lewis_004_1366Alexander_Lewis_016_1366

Love, HauteAngel


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