UNC-For the love of the game

In the aftermath of controversial findings at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, of an independent investigation conducted by former federal prosecutor, Kenneth Wainstein, into past academic irregularities at the University, it has also reported and boasted of its 2nd highest Alumni giving in history. In other words, Alumni have dug deep and responded financially, not just emotionally, to support their embattled Alma Mater. It is a testament to the history and love of its Alumni for this prestigious state university. And why shouldn’t Alumni put their money where their mouth is? After all, the huge majority of Alumni earned their diplomas, value them and more importantly, want them valued.


As to the love of collegiate institutions, I know of what I speak. Although I attended a prestigious women’s college, Meredith College in Raleigh, North Carolina, I am married to a former NCAA wrestler/high school state champion, who made his mark at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (1977-81) when all the colleges and universities had athletic directors with the balls and/or ovaries to fund a wrestling team, “non-revenue” be damned (THE absolute…GREATEST SPORT IN THE WORLD and an ORIGINAL OLYMPIC SPORT). Additionally, I have an NCAA wrestling, high school state champion, All American-honored son, Matthew, who wrestled at Lock Haven University in PA. Matt had formerly wrestled for one of the greatest programs in the U.S., Cary High School in Cary, North Carolina (yes, I’m  biased, but they are truly bad ass with over 20 team state championships and are coached by the legendary Jerry Winterton). I also have a daughter who was a very, VERY high level gymnast, she cheered for over 17 years, including for her college at NC State University. I have basically married and/or weaned a family of champions and I’ve survived to write about it. It is a near-impossible feat to maintain good grades and a high level of competition in collegiate sports.


My siblings and their spouses attended Auburn University, two of their progeny are at AU now and a third daughter will be shortly. My sister and brother were there when the University came under harsh sanctions, the football team was taken off television, the team was prevented from being in Bowl games, regardless of its performance and yet, all the current students and Alumni rallied around the team and their school even harder. They felt the pain of the accusations and sanctions with the team, if that makes sense. Universities such as UNC, Auburn, NC State, and others are a family, with beloved traditions and a belief in something special. And then my siblings lived through, later, of course, the disgusting actions of a moronic Alaba”moran” (I realize it’s one fan who named his daughter Crimson Tide and one son Bear Bryant…but you get the crazy picture!) fan who killed the famed, gorgeous Toomer’s trees.


I work for the University of North Carolina Hospitals (Health Care System) and am so very, very proud to. It is a great company and the safety net hospital for North Carolina, giving away millions each year in indigent care. It is a prestigious and truly giving Company. Right now, the University is reeling from the aftermath of the Wainstein report, which has been issued stating that for the last 18 years, thousands of students at the prestigious University of North Carolina took fake “paper classes”, and advisers funneled athletes into the program to keep them eligible, according to the independent report.

These are serious findings, but the huge majority of students from UNC have been well schooled. They are in the world, products of their education, knowing more, thinking more openly and contributing to society in beneficial, fruitful and healthy ways.

UNC boasts the incomparable Michael Jordan, the greatness of Roy Williams and an incredible School of Medicine, second to none, even Duke University, especially for the value of its much more affordable tuition. Its Alumni should and proudly have financially supported their beloved University, their home and each has cemented their respective, tar-heeled, albeit slightly charred footprints, on its illustrious campus.


One thought on “UNC-For the love of the game

  1. Being a die hard Duke-ie, it always gives me great pleasure to remind folks that at Duke and UNC you can’t just be a good athlete, you must also be a reputable scholar. Their athletes don’t have to take special classes for remedial math, reading, English. They have to have a certain GPA and test scores and….they have to maintain those grades. Many players are even into their graduate studies. Same at NC State. I am very proud of the academic standards these three schools have set and maintain. I grew up 2 blocks from Duke’s east campus. They may be rivals on thebadketball court, but I do like how the young men play pick up games eith each other.

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