2014 Fav’s II from HauteAngel

So as I stated yesterday, Mr. Winter has me down with a cold. Boo!

But I’ve showered, put on a bra (big step indicating impending wellness), medicated, ate some soup and told my husband, “I’m one-third human at this point but that’s better than nothing”. He just hopes I stop whining for oatmeal, coffee, water, meds and tissue soon. Ha!

What follows are a few more of my newfound (and some old) good things from 2014:

The Ellen Degeneres Show

There is not a day that goes by that I am not uplifted by The Ellen Degeneres Show, even reruns. It is so funny! She is a gifted host, a loving and generous person and I adore her zany staff. We tape it everyday and we watch it as a family as we cook dinner together every night. It just helps you shake off the doldrums of work, laugh and appreciate all that you have…not what you don’t have.

The Skeleton Twins

This movie is great and I stress, it is for adults not children. It has serious themes of suicide, depression, sexual confusion, homosexuality, sibling and parenting issues, abandonment, etc. It is hard to imagine after reading that list that the movie has a lot of laughs, but it does. It’s not a riot but it is sweet and thought-provoking. The writing is excellent and the message is overwhelmingly positive as to the power of love, connection and family. The longstanding friendship and comedic energy between Wiig and Hader is palpable. I highly recommend rewinding and re-viewing the “singing scene” again and again. It will lift you up. Truly.


I highly recommend the podcast The Life of Alexander (you will find it on LifeofAlexander.life). You can purchase it for as little as $5 per month. It’s worth every penny. I am a “Diadochi” premium subscriber ($20 a month), because as I work hard to build my blog, I appreciate even more the efforts and preparation that Cameron Reilly and Ray Harris Jr. painstakingly take to create great, award-winning shows for over 10 years now. As they say and I agree, they need to get paid now. The two comedic history buffs are hilarious and their goal is that you “listen, learn and laugh your ass off”.  You will! Check out their Napoleon, Life of Caesar, and their World War II series on Itunes too.

I just wasted $75 to take my family to see The Hobbit, eat crappy popcorn and would far rather have listened to three months of this great podcast, read the book again (The Hobbit, that is) and eat healthy. Join the Alexander Army with me!

ATGposter copy

Many Corkcicle items made the best gifts of 2014 lists on websites this year, Right now, you can get a post-holiday 25% off, every single thing, by using code: MONEY at checkout. I think this ice cube glass/invention is super cool and getting a few on sale now is a great way to put back a nice gift for Father’s Day, birthdays, etc. They have a ton of items but the Whiskey Wedge is the one I like the most. So put that Holiday cash to good use and stay cool in 2014, normally $14.95 EACH but only $11.21 per glass now!


Stay tuned for part III of the Best of 2014, Love, HauteAngel


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