Hauteangel–the versatile blogger award


Nominated by: Helen Le of Coats and Cheesecake

Thank you to Helen! She is a fifteen year old blogger from Australia, check out her blog Coats and Cheesecake, it’s darling and informative.

Seven Facts about HauteAngel (aka Kathryn):

1. I will be married thirty years this year on June 21st

2. My parents will be married 50 years this year

3. My daughter is getting married this year on June 27th

4. My son has decided to become a police officer

5. I have decided to eat a pescetarian diet this year and see if I become healthier

6. I want to report live from NY Fashion week and other fashion shows and wrote Ellen DeGeneres to see if she could help me with that goal

7. I am only 48 and got married when I was 18!

For this award, I nominate:

http://theworkingathlete.net, http://mattcolvard.wordpress.com/, http://pratibhajanisvegetarianrecipes.com/, http://theplantbasednurse.com/, and http://hownottobeacrazybitch.com/ (your blog cracks me up, love!)

If you would like to nominate a blog for this award, the Rules are as follows:

1) Show the award on your blog, 2) Thank the person who nominated you, 3) Share seven facts about yourself, 4) Nominate 5-15 blogs (Norm is 15, but I changed the range because it’s pretty high and time-consuming), 5) Link your nominee’s blogs & inform them of the nomination.


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