HauteAngel’s choice

The ladies rocked the red carpet at the People’s Choice awards and my favorites are in this order:

1) Melissa McCarthy wins for style of outfit (it fits beautifully), it’s rock and roll but classy, her hair is gorgeous, makeup stunning with a nice red lipstick. Love! Love her and have loved her since Gilmore Girls days. Did you know she is Jenny McCarthy’s cousin? Tidbit of info. for you.

Melissa McCarthy

2) Gabrielle Union in gorgeous fuchsia plunging gown. In a fashion world full of black, black, black, this celebrity shines in color. Her makeup is natural, hair soft, just perfect.

Gabrielle Union

3) Allison Janney in gorgeous silver sequins plunging gown is sexy but classy, glitzy but not tacky.

Allison Janney

4) Bella Thorne in a tuxedo slim black suit is so classy, hot and her hair is really nice in style and color. I love her makeup with the bold lipstick and open toed pumps.

Bella Thorne

5) Portia DeRossi is so pretty in royal blue with gold striping pantsuit by Zuhair Muhad. Her hairstyle is punk rock hot, hot, hot and pretty. She’s in great shape and a wonderful actress.

Portia de Rossi

MY top 5 dislikes of the evening are:

1) Ginnifer Goodwin in white. I love this actress who made her mark in Big Love is gorgeous, hands down, and just had a baby. I don’t like her in white because it washes her out. If this was red, emerald green, or royal blue, she’d be in the top 5. Her stylist needs to change or one needs to be hired. I’m available Ginnifer and love you!

Ginnifer Goodwin

2) Ellen Pompeo is so pretty in this blush pantsuit, so why have I put her in the bottom five? Bad tailoring. This fits her well but the pants are not hemmed properly and the eye is drawn down to that every time we look at this picture. An outfit, like makeup should accentuate your natural beauty, the eye should be drawn to your best features: your face, waist, etc.

Ellen Pompeo

3) Anna Farris is a comedic actress and I’ve enjoyed her work for years. This outfit shows off her fit body but it’s too busy and clownish with the ruffles on the bottom of the skirt and the peplum too. If this had a different top with the skirt or visa versa, this could be a top 5 contender. Again, need a stylist? I’m available. She is tanner and has a good eye makeup job to pull of white as opposed to Godwin.

Anna Faris

4) Hillary of the country music group Lady Antebellum, opted for a Yigal Azrouel dress, Ralph Lauren shoes, and a Jimmy Choo purse. This musician is on the heavier side like McCarthy and this dress does nothing to highlight her figure in positive ways. It just doesn’t work and you can see that McCarthy’s choice is slimming and works as compared to this gown choice below. I am available to style you Hillary!

Lady Antebellum

5) Kristen Bell is the cutest little actress/comedian on the red carpet and had a baby 3 weeks ago. I love the color on her and her hair and makeup are exquisite. I just hate the bottom of this skirt as it is too “Tinkerbell” for her age, but it is hard to style a woman who just had a baby, I know. Our tummies don’t go flat immediately. I remember having my daughter at 21 and I had packed normal “pre-pregnancy” jean and a shirt to take to the hospital. Of course, I couldn’t zip the jeans and my mom, God bless her, ran out to the Gap and got me a red and navy sweat suit (stretchy waist) to put on to leave the hospital. I just didn’t realize my stomach wouldn’t go down flat after delivery and was very naïve. With that said, I am waffling on this ensemble the most, whether it’s a pass or a fail but will keep it at 5. What do you think?

Kristen Bell

I hope you have a wonderful Thursday and love you, my beautiful followers, so much! HauteAngel (aka Kathy)


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