January 10, 2015 Food diary

Today was a great day. I went to my daughter’s house and hung out with her, her good friend and her gorgeous 6 month old baby, Stella Rae. My grandmother’s name is Stella Mae, isn’t that a neat coincidence? Anyway, isn’t she adorable. I enjoyed holding her and making her laugh and baby talk!


BREAKFAST: Organic oatmeal, mango and flax seeds.


LUNCH:  We went to a restaurant and I ordered a grilled shrimp Ceasar salad, plus a small blueberry beer.


DINNER:  For dinner, Dan and I split the Trader Joe’s Vegan Pad Thai (it’s in the frozen section) and had a small salad. I put mushrooms, flax seeds on my salad (and the Pad Thai) with a sprinkle each of EVOO and Balsamic Vinegar. Small glass of Pinot Grigio.


Let’s Go Panthers, it’s game time! Love, HauteAngel


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