My 5 things you can do NOW to get healthy!

These are great tips!


When I decided to make a change to a healthier lifestyle I changed five things immediately that helped jump start my healthy journey. I think no matter what age you can do these things! Not many people can change everything in one day and all of a sudden eat totally green and exercise regularly. If you do these 5 things then everything else will fall into place eventually and becoming a more fit healthier version of yourself will be much easier!

1. DRINK WATER Don’t just add water into your drinking regime.. ONLY drink water. Cut out the sodas, alcohol, everything. If you like carbonation there are tons of zero calorie flavored carbonated water. I keep a water bottle by my desk and drink from it everyday. Not only is water super healthy and cleanses your system, it’s also very cheap. Cheap as in free! Most restaurants do not charge…

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