january 16, 2015 food diary

BREAKFAST: So on Fridays, I have 7:30 a.m. meetings and I am NOT a morning person. I always treat myself with Starbucks on Friday mornings but no other mornings. It adds up. Anyway, I got a piece of banana bread and a Venti Chai Tea Soy Latte. The soy as opposed to milk is so much better and I would never have imagined that. It just goes to show you never know until you try new things. Just do it.

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LUNCH: I was good and packed lunch! Yeah me. Brown rice, a bit of vegetarian refried beans, black olives, diced tomatoes, quacamole, a tiny bit of cheddar cheese and it was so good. Still not missing meat at all.


DINNER:  I had a great night with my best friend Melinda. First we went to Nordstrom Rack, grrrr…I could buy so much in there but I was good. Then we went to Maggiano’s, a great Italian eatery, and I had eggplant parmesan (no meat!) for the first time ever. It was great. We had a bit of bread too, but no desert as we had to shop until we dropped. And I am pooped, seriously. My feet HURT! I got a new mascara at Sephora, Too Faced “Better Than False Lashes”, so I will report back how good (or not) it is soon. Love you all and thank you SO much for following. I cherish you and appreciate the support so much. Truly. Love, HauteAngel (aka Kathy)


9 thoughts on “january 16, 2015 food diary

  1. I never eat anything until 11. I only have a lot of coffee with no sugar, no milk, since my blood pressure is low, I really need coffee. I think you’re really following up on these healthy foods. Well, the balance is the key, and we should also avoid ANY chemicals regardless how good they look or sound, meaning butter is better than any margarine, and pure whipping cream which consists of real cream (if available where you live) is much better than any multi-ingredient modified milk products. So on. Balance and real foods. Natural can mean nowadays anything.


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