January 17, 2015 food diary

BREAKFAST: Oatmeal w/ craisins and a small spoon of Organic Peanut Butter


LUNCH: I had a huge container of leftover brown rice, so heated up a little olive oil in my largest cast iron pan, added two eggs, scrambled, added shrimp, some corn, spinach, a bit of sea salt, and curry powder. Then when it was all heated up, I added Trader Joe’s Soyaki, which is awesome. It was really good!


DINNER: More fried rice, a few homemade oatmeal cookies. Great lazy day home with the husband.


4 thoughts on “January 17, 2015 food diary

  1. I have had oat meal, with milk (not cooked), for breakfast Monday – Saturday for the past 45 years with few exceptions. I reckon it’s what has kept me pretty healthy for 44 of them. Sundays I usually have a ‘full English’ but sometimes just eggs – fried, poached or scrambled. And I too enjoy cobbling together something with ‘left-overs’, which often include rice. Your pix look delicious!

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      1. Many apologies – I must remember my international audience! ‘Full English’ is bacon, sausage, eggs (usually fried), fried bread. Other possible additions to this are ‘black pudding’ (blood sausage – the most famous being from Bury), mushrooms and fried tomatoes. I take the first two of these if they are around but I don’t like tomatoes fried. In the past but rarely now (sadly) there would have been devilled kidneys. Years ago there was a hotel overlooking Edinburgh Waverley station where all this (and kedgeree) was under silver covers on a long table to help yourself. I doubt it is so now.


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