Blogging 101 – Tips from a Professional Writer

Installment II- Find YOUR Angle!

It’s a good time for my second installment of Blogging 101-Professional Writing Tips:  Find YOUR Angle


With the passing yesterday of Oscar de la Renta, I scrolled through hundreds of articles about him, his life, his work, photographs and I thought but what does this mean to me, what did I feel upon hearing this news, what is my unique angle, my story to tell.

Mortality’s edges, via a stranger’s death perhaps, can sweep in towards the longer-married couple and awaken those repressed fears,

those unsaid things, but it is in those moments we have the opportunity to cherish,

to reevaluate, to reboot, if you will.” Kathryn Colvard (aka HauteAngel)


As a fashion blogger, on the rise (from your luscious lips to God’s ears) I hope, of course it matters to me that an iconic designer has passed away and no more will his genius grace the runways. But everyone will write about that. All journalists will grab stock photos and put it in their blogs, articles, blah, that’s boring.

OFFICIAL TANGENT: Go back to my first tip….grab the reader with your title! I was thinking for some reason of Madonna’s “Vogue” and I knew I’d seen her in a gorgeous Oscar de la Renta gown. In the song, she sings about Greta Garbo giving “good face” and there you have it, “He gave good gown”.


Do I yet have the privilege of going to amazing runway shows, no, but I hope too. I don’t hob nob with the likes of Anna Wintour, Karl Largerfeld or Donatella Versace (yet).

Anna Wintour and Oscar

Anna Wintour and Oscar de la Renta

But I have worn one of Oscar de la Renta’s fragrances, Rosamor, for many years and I’ve been married for a long time (29 years). de la Renta had been widowed and remarried his second wife Annette in 1989. She was devoted to him and he had battled cancer since 2006.

annette and oscar

It is rare to have one good marriage in life, but two. He was a man truly blessed. I am a woman truly blessed. I loved his fashions, love that fragrance, love my husband. That’s my angle. Oscar gave me a special fragrance and we share/shared a commonality in our marital devotion to our spouse’s that few people nowadays can boast.

Love, HauteAngel

 Top three Professional Writing Blogging Tips!



In any other periodical, newspaper, etc., the name is fixed. A blog can be named what you want. Really think up a catchy name because those are the blogs that stand out, make people laugh, raise eyebrows, get people interested to read what you have to say.


No one will read your blog or article if you don’t have a great lead sentence. which they teach in Journalism school. You have to give enough exciting detail in the first sentence to entice the reader to continue reading the whole article.


If you have something meaningful, funny, eventful, or planned out to write, write it and do write and blog on a regular basis. I recently stopped following one blogger who was simply copying and pasting other people’s blogs and ideas and literally blogging 20-30 times a day. I would rather read one well thought out, daily blog than regurgitated, plagiarized articles. This is a huge no no in professional writing. Write what you think and give credit where credit is due.


I have a lot more tips to come. Love, HauteAngel

P.S. I have a degree in English, a minor in Professional Communications, have written for several magazines, newspapers and had my own column.


  1. ljgodbolt · October 27, 2014

    Hi Haute Angel,

    I’d really value your advice; I’m thinking about making my blog “premium” and had some questions as you have a premium blog.

    With the advertising that you have on your blog how much revenue do you make from this? How did you decide on which adverts to use, how did you get them onto your blog and do you make money from people clicking on the ads or just from individual views?

    How many views/clicks do you need on the ads to mean it equals out against the cost of going premium?

    Really looking forward to hearing back from you



  2. Aaryne McEvoy · December 28, 2014

    Thanks for the tips! When I started blogging I was not expecting to love writing as much as I do and I enjoy getting helpful hints and tips along the way. It’s a fabulous journey!

    Liked by 1 person

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