Confessions of a bad january 13, 2015 food diary

So we had ice in North Carolina last night, which means traffic stops, schools delay or close (yes, close), and THEN we immediately think of treats, bread, wine, beer, etc., as if we’ll be hold up for days on end and will otherwise be chewing leather for sustenance unless we stock up! Grocery stores get cleaned OUT. It’s worse if it snows.

So… I started off strong into a steady decline that evening.


Nature’s Way oatmeal with mango

013 001

LUNCH: Neomonde chickpea salad, hummus, tabouli and lentils


DINNER: Leftover whole grain pasta, vodka sauce and vegan Trader Joe’s mozzarella cheese


So you’re probably thinking that is not a bad day Kathryn! And you would be right if it ended there, but oh no, hubby made chocolate chip cookies and brought home the beer I love, Bud Light Lime. Beer aficionados, cringe! Ok, move past this admission. I like it. So I had a few beers and a cookie. Confessional over. Love, Kathryn aka HauteAngel



HauteAngel’s post-holiday favorites, deals, and picks of 2014

Sometimes the best things in life are FREE! I have been listening to and thoroughly enjoying The Life of Caesar Podcast on iTunes recently. The Podcasters, Cam (aka “The Aussie”) and Ray (aka “The Virginian”), are hilarious, self-deprecating and otherwise well-informed or at least well-prepared (just ask Cam as he sits stewing in stacks of unused, albeit he-purports-to-be copious, brilliant, yet unused notes) to make up for Ray’s prodding and “lack of a personality”. The truth is, Ray’s straight man to Cam’s silly, boyish wit is just what the doctor ordered. As the podcast evolves, it has created surprising Kitsch for sale, coffee mugs, t-shirts, you name it, with trademark phrases, such as “Don’t Make me Pulla Sulla”, “Caesar was a Vampire”, you get the picture. Check out these items on Redbubble. But trust me, there is no podcast about Julius Caesar wherein you can learn so much, laugh so hard and which manages to incorporate references to Flavor Flav into the mix of beheadings and wicked animal cruelty.

brick wall caesar podcast patron

Cameron Reilly

cameron profile 2014-03-20 small   Pulla Sulla by lifeofcaesar

Cameron used to co-host The Napoleon Bonaparte Podcast. He was also the co-founder of The Podcast Network back in 2004. He likes reading about history and science and upsetting people with his opinions. Follow Cameron on Twitter and Facebook.

Ray Harris Jr.

Ray has a degree in history from James Madison University. He lives in Virginia with his family and lots of snakes. He is also the host of the WWII Podcast.
Follow Ray on Twitter and Facebook.

                Caesar Was A Vampire! by lifeofcaesar
Join them on Facebook to participate in daily banter with Ray and Cam and the listeners about history, politics and other stuff.

facebook logo

The LIFE OF CAESAR podcast is ranked in the TOP 100 podcasts in Australia, the USA, the UK and Canada! Check out the Podcast on Napoleon, their new Podcast on Alexander the Great and get smarter in 2015, with a lot of laughs too, by the way.

itunes-billboardtop100 v2


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Joe’s After Christmas sale (Ebates 5% cash back)

JOE'S Jeans

Joes Jeans

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There are more deals and recommendations, but Mr. Winter has me down with a nasty cold right now and I am blogging, sneezing, medicating…repeat.

Don’t forget to enter the $100 Pottery Barn Gift Card Giveaway! Love, HauteAngel

Valentino paints new york white

Valentino unveiled his New York Haute Couture fashion show live last night, it was a dazzling and resplendent all-white collection. The new store opened on Madison Avenue and the line shown was inspired by great women, from the 60’s to modern muses.

These are my favorite pieces in the collection:





valentino7valentino310409438_10152818520251131_7638752813261581485_n10676361_10152818520566131_6926968418695988370_n10411174_10152818523331131_9030228311425035951_n10456227_10152818526446131_4202453269466687868_n995618_10152818530306131_2038330213425496319_n10409438_10152818520251131_7638752813261581485_n (1)



Demi Moore is pictured below at the 1989 Academy Awards



Enjoy the collection in all its pure Italian craftsmanship glory and relive the magic moments on


If you are interested in the history of Valentino Garavani, check out his Virtual Museum. It’s a downloadable desktop application that digitally displays the 50 year archive of Italian fashion designer Valentino Garavani. The application uses real-time 3D technology to create an immersive environment within the app. It connects to online media database that displays over 5,000 images including sketches, illustrations, advertising campaigns, editorials, red carpet moments and 180 fashion show videos. Content is arranged in a museum layout where users explore the different galleries and wings covering what would be over 10,000 square meters in an actual museum. The museum became available for download on December 5, 2011. Find it at The Valentino Garavani Virtual Museum was created by Valentino’s long-time partner Giancarlo Giammetti.

Below is a dress worn by Audrey Hepburn at The Proust Bal at Château de Ferrières in 1971 and a dress featured in last night’s runway show.


The new flagship store on Fifth Avenue will root Valentino into the urban pattern of Manhattan.

Love, HauteAngel


Valentino unveils New york Haute Couture collection live

I will be reviewing Valentino’s New York Haute Couture collection after it airs tonight at 8 p.m. If you would like to watch it live, click the link: VALENTINOLIVEbyHAUTEANGEL

Join us for the exclusive live stream.



So our office is having a contest today and I wanted to share with you my creation. I figured it would be best to stick with self-deprecating rather than calling out any boss. Love, HauteAngel

My Ugly Christmas sweater


It’s Going to be a Double Yolk Day!




Last night at Barneys New York, Baz Luhrmann, director, screenwriter and producer best known for the movies Strictly Ballroom (1992), Romeo + Juliet (1996), Moulin Rouge! (2001), Australia (2008), and The Great Gatsby (2013), celebrated the “Baz Dazzled” Holiday Window Unveiling at the staple department store in New York City.


The event, complete with a performance by Pentonix, offered passersby an exquisite wonderland theme, plenty of actors, artists, musicians and many notables from the fashion industry, for a night of holiday magic. The event, complete with dangling candles glistening above a gorgeous dinner-scape, with forest-themed backdrops and plenty of confetti, is sure to go down as on of New York City’s best celebrations this holiday season.


Enjoy, just 39 more days until Christmas. Love, HauteAngel


Deco delights

My daughter is having a Gatsby-themed wedding next June, so I have looked and looked for the right dress for me to wear as a mother-of-the-bride. I finally chose this gorgeous dress from Asos (2.5% Ebates cash back). It’s a Frock and Frill Emerald Stunner! What do you think?



Asos has a lot of pretty 1920s dresses, which I think never go out of style. From Needle and Thread, Asos offers this Deco Mini Dress for $379


Asos Cami Top with Deco Embellishment is $51.17 on sale


This Jaded Rose Shift Dress is on sale for $53.06 and that is a phenomenal price!


Also, on Asos, this unique navy Frock and Frill Deco Dress is on sale for $179.08.

Navy is a great alternative to black but still neutral and slimming.


At Nina Shoes (Affiliate of HauteAngel), you can sign up for email and get 15% of your first purchase plus Ebates is 7.5% cash back, there are tons of options to go with your Deco dresses. Sara picked a gold pair for all her bridesmaids to wear that is so pretty and affordable. I also like these choices, but haven’t decided what I’ll get yet. I want a pretty heel but also need to dance all night, so I won’t be rocking 5” heels for sure. Maybe 3” to 4”?

                       Blaike Navy Kitten heel $29.99          Mirran Gunmetal heels $39.99


The Nina Cordy comes in gold, silver and black $69.99 (I am thinking of getting the gold but need to see my dress first and it arrives this week. I’m so excited!)


A great Affiliate site I love is Fashion to Figure …Use Code: BOGO50 for 50% OFF ITEMS UNTIL midnight tonight, November 11, 2014

Fauxleathercrosshatchclutch18.99flower_ring10Foil Dress 42.50goldchainmailtasselnecklace14goldshoulderbodychain16Metallicfoildress38.50

Hope you enjoy these Deco delights! Love, HauteAngel

*This post contains Affiliate links


Be Good opens in Raleigh, nc

This is a restaurant review of the new begood in Raleigh, North Carolina, but before I wax poetic about the awesome food, it is ironic this new Raleigh, NC restaurant has been opened under the management of one of my best friend’s husband, Matt Westcott, because the concept of this establishment began with two friends. Anthony and Jon were two best friends who grew up eating in their uncle’s kitchen. Anthony’s Uncle Faris served them great homemade food. Inspired by this childhood memory, fifteen years later, they started a business together around a simple idea – make fast-food “real” by making it the way it should be… by people, not factories. And now one has opened in Raleigh!



Becky, my friend, and I have been buddies for about 13 years. We’ve gone to the same church, had girls on cheer teams and in pageants together (see below, Sara, Kimsley and Miranda). My friendship with her led to me also becoming friends with my other best bud, Melinda. Life is crazy and beautiful that way.


So last night, my daughter Sara and I met Becky and Melinda, her husband Mike and had a wonderful dinner at the new begood in Raleigh. They have a farm to table concept and utilize local vendors and brands, which I love.


You can order online too and that is a great feature for all families. One thing I noticed about the restaurant is it’s not your average burger joint. They also offer kale & quinos bowls, seasonal salads, smoothies and shakes, sweet potato and regular fries (pre-baked then fried so a lot less calories), burgers, sides, along with beer and wine.


Becky and Kimsley                                       Becky and Miranda


I had the ADOPTED LUKE burger with mushrooms, caramelized onions, smoked gouda, and bbq sauce. Sara (not adventurous eater) had a plain cheeseburger and sweet potato fries. I got the regular fries and we both had shakes. It was so good and we all laughed and talked for a couple of hours about old times, new times, my daughter’s upcoming wedding. It was such a great night. Kimsley was working and she is hilarious. I adore her. Matt made sure we all had everything we needed and we really appreciated that special attention.



The restaurant has a philanthropic focus too, offering grants for good people with good ideas.

The foundation is focused on the principle that everyday people inherently want to “be good”, the b.good Family Foundation’s mission gives micro-grants to enable individuals to make positive change in the community. Long story short, they’re on a mission to help real people with great ideas do good.

Who can’t get behind a great place filled with great food, friends and a generous spirit!

Go see how great it is for yourself and be  good!

Raleigh, NC
Midtown Park at North Hills
(I 440 at Six Forks Road)
201 Park at North Hills, #100
View Map
Phone: 919-916-5410
Monday-Sunday: 11am – 9pm

Love, Haute Angel


One Lovely Blog Award – HauteAngel


Thank you for the nomination by Redeem Cliche’, please check out her great blog! (

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Seven facts about myself, Kathy aka HauteAngel:

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3. My son is a writer too. He writes fiction, short stories and poetry. I have no acumen for any of those genres.

4. I attended four different colleges to finally attain a B.A. in English over a twelve-year span of time.

5. My husband and my son are both former high school state champion wrestlers and NCAA college wrestlers. I can spout off wrestling stats like people who love football and basketball do : ).

6. I moved to Tennessee when I was 15 from Florida and flung myself on the bed crying after the first day of school. Why? Because kids had on overalls at the high school and I thought those were a costume on Hee Haw. (True Story!)

7. I attended the Ft. Lauderdale Children’s Theatre for many years and danced growing up too (ballet, tap and modern).

I nominate these wonderful blogs:

Interactions by Jessica Dawn Jones (great writing!)-

Paul Militaru’s incredible photography blog

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