HauteAngel’s post-holiday favorites, deals, and picks of 2014

Sometimes the best things in life are FREE! I have been listening to and thoroughly enjoying The Life of Caesar Podcast on iTunes recently. The Podcasters, Cam (aka “The Aussie”) and Ray (aka “The Virginian”), are hilarious, self-deprecating and otherwise well-informed or at least well-prepared (just ask Cam as he sits stewing in stacks of unused, albeit he-purports-to-be copious, brilliant, yet unused notes) to make up for Ray’s prodding and “lack of a personality”. The truth is, Ray’s straight man to Cam’s silly, boyish wit is just what the doctor ordered. As the podcast evolves, it has created surprising Kitsch for sale, coffee mugs, t-shirts, you name it, with trademark phrases, such as “Don’t Make me Pulla Sulla”, “Caesar was a Vampire”, you get the picture. Check out these items on Redbubble. But trust me, there is no podcast about Julius Caesar wherein you can learn so much, laugh so hard and which manages to incorporate references to Flavor Flav into the mix of beheadings and wicked animal cruelty.

brick wall caesar podcast patron

Cameron Reilly

cameron profile 2014-03-20 small   Pulla Sulla by lifeofcaesar

Cameron used to co-host The Napoleon Bonaparte Podcast. He was also the co-founder of The Podcast Network back in 2004. He likes reading about history and science and upsetting people with his opinions. Follow Cameron on Twitter and Facebook.

Ray Harris Jr.

Ray has a degree in history from James Madison University. He lives in Virginia with his family and lots of snakes. He is also the host of the WWII Podcast.
Follow Ray on Twitter and Facebook.

                Caesar Was A Vampire! by lifeofcaesar
Join them on Facebook to participate in daily banter with Ray and Cam and the listeners about history, politics and other stuff.

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The LIFE OF CAESAR podcast is ranked in the TOP 100 podcasts in Australia, the USA, the UK and Canada! Check out the Podcast on Napoleon, their new Podcast on Alexander the Great and get smarter in 2015, with a lot of laughs too, by the way.

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There are more deals and recommendations, but Mr. Winter has me down with a nasty cold right now and I am blogging, sneezing, medicating…repeat.

Don’t forget to enter the $100 Pottery Barn Gift Card Giveaway! Love, HauteAngel


towanda! or Christmas mom’s way

If you saw the movie, Fried Green Tomatoes, you probably remember the character of Evelyn Couch played by Kathy Bates.  She is feeling despondent as life has become routine, her marriage is boring, she’s overweight and then she strikes up a friendship with Ninny “Idgie” Threadgoode, played beautifully by the late Jessica Tandy.  She regales Ms. Couch with tales of her past and Idgie, in her youth, was not a conventional young lady of the 1920s. She is independent, self-assured and owns a strong sense of right and wrong. If she decides to do something, she does it, whether it was ‘appropriate’ or not. If you haven’t read the book or viewed the movie, do, as it’s wonderful.

Idgie’s battlecry is “Towanda,” kind of like a guy yelling, “Geronimo.” My favorite part of the movie is when two teenage girls take Couch’s parking space. She snaps and hits their “empty” car over and over, yelling out “Towanda”, then drives her smashed car over to the flummoxed teens to say, “Face it girls, I’m older and have better car insurance.”

At Christmas, I normally go way overboard and am not the best for reigning in my spending for others, especially when it comes to my two children. This year, we have my daughter’s wedding to pay for and I told them it won’t be the huge Christmas they are used to. Of course, Sara scolded me saying, “Don’t give me anything…you’re already buying the wedding.” My inner-Towanda screamed, “I’m older and have money for Christmas presents too!” Ultimately, I’ll do what I want but know it’s best to concentrate on the joy of fellowship and not on the gifts.

What is your battle cry? Have a great hump day. Love, HauteAngel

One Lovely Blog Award – HauteAngel


Thank you for the nomination by Redeem Cliche’, please check out her great blog! (http://redeemcliche.wordpress.com/)

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Okay, okay enough rules. Let’s get started:)!

Seven facts about myself, Kathy aka HauteAngel:

1. I’m the oldest sibling of three.

2. My daughter cheered for 17 years and at NC State University. Her blog is theworkingathlete.net

3. My son is a writer too. He writes fiction, short stories and poetry. I have no acumen for any of those genres.

4. I attended four different colleges to finally attain a B.A. in English over a twelve-year span of time.

5. My husband and my son are both former high school state champion wrestlers and NCAA college wrestlers. I can spout off wrestling stats like people who love football and basketball do : ).

6. I moved to Tennessee when I was 15 from Florida and flung myself on the bed crying after the first day of school. Why? Because kids had on overalls at the high school and I thought those were a costume on Hee Haw. (True Story!)

7. I attended the Ft. Lauderdale Children’s Theatre for many years and danced growing up too (ballet, tap and modern).

I nominate these wonderful blogs:

Interactions by Jessica Dawn Jones (great writing!)- https://allthatjazzblogdotcom1.wordpress.com/

Paul Militaru’s incredible photography blog http://photopaulm.com/

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Update on Chronic Migraine Battle – HauteAngel


It’s been a month and I have had very little pain relief from cutting fake sugars and soda from my diet. However, I know it’s good for me and I’m done with it forever. I was put on a few different medicines, one of which is called Trokendi XR (Topiramate). I took 3 doses, increasing the milligrams each week for three weeks. Unfortunately, my short-term memory loss from this medicine was significant. It was very upsetting. Not only was there no help with the pain, but I was losing it and making mistakes I never would normally at work.

So my neurologist took me off of that and I’m trying something different. She also gave me a shot in the back of my neck to cause a little numbness and as she said, to “break the pain cycle”. It’s been 10 months straight of a headache, even when I lay down, which is horrible enough but explaining it to people is worse.

I think it is very easy to have compassion and empathy for a person with a chronic condition in the beginning, even in small doses as time goes on, but you begin to feel like the little girl (or boy) who cried wolf. People lose their concern for your health and start to focus more on how much a pain it is for them, or how depressing it is to always hear about a person not feeling well.

But my family and friends have been good to me and I can count on them. I just realize if I’m exhausted from the pain, they must be tired of not having the “normal me” around. I am sure tired of it too. So the shot took the edge off a tiny bit and I felt a little bit better for the first time in a long time. I even had the energy to go and help my daughter clean this past weekend. That was nice.

Hopefully, my neurologist and I can figure this out and get me back to full speed soon. I really think a chiropractor/acupuncture route might be best going forward. I am going to discuss those options with her. Love, HauteAngel

Galliano – The Comeback Kid?

Just three short years ago, superstar fashion designer,John Galliano was fired from the House of Dior after being found guilty of making anti-Semitic remarks at a Paris cafe. After the Parisian criminal court handed down the guilty plea for two counts of the offence under French law; one in February of 2011 and one in October of 2010, the nagging question on fashion insider’s minds has been, “Would the mega-talented Galliano ever be able to rise from the ashes of his own self-inflicted inferno?” The answer this week is a tentative yes, as the designer has just been named Creative Director of Paris-based Maison Martin Margiela.

Galliano’s 15 year pristine career stint at Christian Dior imploded after he was captured on video hurling anti-Semitic remarks toward patrons in a bar in Paris’s historic Jewish quarter. He did not receive a jail sentence but was instead given suspended fines after the court accepted his sincere apology for his actions, for which he blamed alcohol and drugs.

During his stellar tenure at Dior, Galliano led the way with fashion trends such as Geisha-like dressing, newspaper prints which were famously worn by Sarah Jessica Parker on the HBO series Sex & The City, and his famous saddle bag. Also during his fifteen year Dior stint, Galliano earned the enviable status as one of Vogue editor Anna Wintour’s favorite designers. Since being ousted, justifiably, from Dior, Galliano has been embattled in court cases, has stayed out of the public eye for the most part, did a quick offering at Oscar de la Renta, and created Kate Moss’ wedding dress.

Renzo Rosso, head of Margiela’s parent company OTB group, told Women’s Wear Daily, ” “Margiela is ready for a new charismatic, creative soul, and John Galliano is one of the greatest undisputed talents of all time. I look forward to his return to create that fashion dream that only he can create.”

I know what I believe can be forgiven and what can be forgotten. It is for each and every person to decide that for themselves too. But I will say it is undeniable that John Galliano has talent and deserves to make a living. We all have the freedom to support him, or not, with the money we make at our jobs, with the words we write in our blogs, our fashion editorials, and the photographs we take at shows.

When I think of the stupid things I’ve done in my life, said and wish I could take back, especially when drunk. I mean, who among us could really cast the first stone. Some of us could use a tiny pebble and some of us…. a boulder. All in all, we have the power to support or ignore this gentleman’s comeback. Love, HauteAngel

Chronic Migraines…my journey back to health!

Chronic Migraines!

I have just been diagnosed with this after growing up with lots of allergies, constantly stuffed up, have had sinus surgery and had a lot of relief from that. But the last nine months, I’ve had a headache and my CAT scan showed my sinuses are clear. I assumed it was that again and it wasn’t. So I saw a Neurologist and filled out about 15 pages of forms with all my information. She met with me for three hours, which is unheard of in healthcare and I truly appreciate it and thank her for great care. So there are tons of different things we can try to get me better and the first thing she told me I have to do, to my chagrin, is stop drinking diet soda. And not because of the caffeine. Because of the “fake” sugar or aspartame. I have heard many times it’s bad for you and being that I’ve been on a very low carbohydrate diet for a couple of years now, I really indulge in diet sodas and fake sugar in coffee and tea to get “sweet” in my diet.


In a nutshell, she said these fake sugars are toxic and are even illegal in a lot of countries. Who knew? So today was my first day fake sugar-free and I will let you know how things go in this journey to headache-free wellness.