Happy Birthday to Me!

Runci Happy Birthday Baby

So today is my birthday and I’m going to wear my pajamas all day, with a silky robe, not put on my bra and just watch television, play on the computer and relax. Hope you all have a wonderful, relaxing Sunday too! Love, HauteAngel


#2 If I could do it over again, I would still Marry for Love…

Kathryn pics 2507

A person close to me said as I neared my 30th birthday (been married 12 years by then), “You need to use it before you lose it”. Meaning, I was still attractive enough to dump my husband and marry rich the second time around. Dan and I have gone through plenty in almost 30 years of marriage now and the fact that we are truly in love is what gets us through the better…or, the worse. It really does. And great sex doesn’t hurt either. But I digress…

Not that we haven’t said to each other more than once, “Living on Love sucks!” and then we’d just laugh our butts off. Of course, being wealthy makes everything easier. But I have a spouse who is faithful, kind, comes home every night, is an amazing father to our children and you can’t buy that kind of love and devotion. You just can’t. If you are lucky enough to find that, lock it down people… because true love is better than anything. I am the richest woman in the world. Have a great weekend. Love, HauteAngel

Tom Cruise Happy

Tom Cruise Happy

Tom Cruise celebrates life, love and happiness

Abraham Lincoln once said, “Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.”  My dad told me once I just can’t be happy. I think dealing with me generally, his emotional child (of 3) has always been a challenging for him. But more than that, being the oldest, I’m the most competitive and driven and have been so in my parenting, at work and in relationships. I say I want to be happy but more often than not, I end up complaining, worrying, working harder (not smarter, necessarily) in hopes of reaching that elusive “happy place”. Sometimes I wonder, “Do I really want to be happy?” Or is the striving to be better, to be noticed, to rise, to achieve….essentially that journey, my happiness? I think happiness is defined differently by people. I used to believe that the people, like my husband, who are mellow, satisfied, chill, are happy people. And maybe they are. But I’m not built like that and though striving for more peace and tranquility in life is surely a good thing, I would not be “happy” just being. I always want to be more or be doing more. If I have one degree, I want a higher degree. If I have one title at work, I want a higher title. If I make this much money, I want to make more. Essentially, we are on a journey toward or away from happiness. But who is to say the journey in the making isn’t one person’s happiness, even if there is no clear and defined goal, even if the person seems to be unhappy in the process at times… It sure would be nice, in the end, to be Tom Cruise happy, though, wouldn’t it?