food diary-January hits and misses

So I’m done with month one of my Pescatarian diet. It has surprisingly been easy. In one month, I had salmon twice and shrimp once. Otherwise, no meat. My stomach feels flatter and I am pretty certain I’ve lost some weight. I ordered a scale so will report back if I have or not. My migraines aren’t a lot better but they aren’t worse. On the food front, a big miss for me is Boca Crumbles. They smell funny, taste funny and tore my tummy up. All of the Morningstar products I’ve had so far are the opposite: No weird smell, taste good and no bad side effects. I am not as hungry as I used to be, and I thought eating this way would cause me to feel very hungry all the time. It’s the opposite.



I hope you all have a wonderful Superbowl Sunday! Love, HauteAngel


fashion friday deal, hauteangel

IMAGE: Fashion Friday- 50% off the Lowest Marked Price w/ Code CLEARANCE

Today, 1/9/15, for Fashion Friday, Cents of Style is having a Clearance Event- take 50% off the lowest marked price with the coupon code: CLEARANCE. Click on this link: Fashion Friday- Clearance Event- 50% off the Lowest Marked Price w/ Code CLEARANCE.

There are 100’s of items on sale with prices as low as $4.97 shipped. Sizing may be limited on some items, but with the wide variety, there is something for everyone. This is a great opportunity to stock up on some fabulous fashionable items.

IMAGE: Fashion Friday- 50% off the Lowest Marked Price w/ Code CLEARANCE

IMAGE: Fashion Friday- 50% off the Lowest Marked Price w/ Code CLEARANCE

fashion friday deal!

Happy New Year! I hope you enjoyed a lovely 2014 holiday season. HauteAngel is excited for another fabulous year in 2015 and to begin a New Year of Fashion Friday Deals, Cents Of Style is offering 50% off its winter accessories to HauteAngel’s readers with the coupon code: WINTER2015.

IMAGE: Fashion Friday- Winter Accessories- 50% off & FREE SHIPPING

The deal is valid today only, January 2, 2015. Use link: Fashion Friday- 50% off Winter Accessories w/ Code WINTER2015

IMAGE: Fashion Friday- Winter Accessories- 50% off & FREE SHIPPING

Hats, gloves, scarves and more will be on sale. Items will start at $4.97, most items will be under $10 shipped.

IMAGE: Fashion Friday- Winter Accessories- 50% off & FREE SHIPPING

IMAGE: Fashion Friday- Winter Accessories- 50% off & FREE SHIPPING

HauteAngel’s post-holiday favorites, deals, and picks of 2014

Sometimes the best things in life are FREE! I have been listening to and thoroughly enjoying The Life of Caesar Podcast on iTunes recently. The Podcasters, Cam (aka “The Aussie”) and Ray (aka “The Virginian”), are hilarious, self-deprecating and otherwise well-informed or at least well-prepared (just ask Cam as he sits stewing in stacks of unused, albeit he-purports-to-be copious, brilliant, yet unused notes) to make up for Ray’s prodding and “lack of a personality”. The truth is, Ray’s straight man to Cam’s silly, boyish wit is just what the doctor ordered. As the podcast evolves, it has created surprising Kitsch for sale, coffee mugs, t-shirts, you name it, with trademark phrases, such as “Don’t Make me Pulla Sulla”, “Caesar was a Vampire”, you get the picture. Check out these items on Redbubble. But trust me, there is no podcast about Julius Caesar wherein you can learn so much, laugh so hard and which manages to incorporate references to Flavor Flav into the mix of beheadings and wicked animal cruelty.

brick wall caesar podcast patron

Cameron Reilly

cameron profile 2014-03-20 small   Pulla Sulla by lifeofcaesar

Cameron used to co-host The Napoleon Bonaparte Podcast. He was also the co-founder of The Podcast Network back in 2004. He likes reading about history and science and upsetting people with his opinions. Follow Cameron on Twitter and Facebook.

Ray Harris Jr.

Ray has a degree in history from James Madison University. He lives in Virginia with his family and lots of snakes. He is also the host of the WWII Podcast.
Follow Ray on Twitter and Facebook.

                Caesar Was A Vampire! by lifeofcaesar
Join them on Facebook to participate in daily banter with Ray and Cam and the listeners about history, politics and other stuff.

facebook logo

The LIFE OF CAESAR podcast is ranked in the TOP 100 podcasts in Australia, the USA, the UK and Canada! Check out the Podcast on Napoleon, their new Podcast on Alexander the Great and get smarter in 2015, with a lot of laughs too, by the way.

itunes-billboardtop100 v2


Get a Pandora Charm free (if you join the club), with a $100 purchase and if you started a bracelet for your lady, then this is a good time and way to save to put back 2-3 charms for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays, etc.:


It’s time to stock up on your Julep beauty favorites, pick up your must have nail polish shades and or just treat yourself to something that you wanted but didn’t get over the holidays. With prices this low, things are going to go quickly so shop now!

Save up to 85% in Julep’s End of Year Sale

End of Year Sale

ancestryFREE ACCESS – DECEMBER 26-29

ANCESTRY.COM has added more than a billion global records so you can follow your family story to the ends of the earth.

Best of our 2014 Collections

Explore the best of our 2014 collections FREE.* With our help and plenty of hints, you can discover the incredible story of how your family led to you.

Search free now:2014 Collections

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Joe’s After Christmas sale (Ebates 5% cash back)

JOE'S Jeans

Joes Jeans


Use code 6PMEU1225201415683! for 15% OFF your purchase today only:

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Get the gifts you’ve wanted all season when you shop our After-Christmas Sale going on now!  It’s the perfect time to score great savings on offers from ProFlowers, Restaurant.com, Soniclean, and more. View our top selling offers this week below.

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There are more deals and recommendations, but Mr. Winter has me down with a nasty cold right now and I am blogging, sneezing, medicating…repeat.

Don’t forget to enter the $100 Pottery Barn Gift Card Giveaway! Love, HauteAngel

Valentino unveils New york Haute Couture collection live

I will be reviewing Valentino’s New York Haute Couture collection after it airs tonight at 8 p.m. If you would like to watch it live, click the link: VALENTINOLIVEbyHAUTEANGEL

Join us for the exclusive live stream.


So our office is having a contest today and I wanted to share with you my creation. I figured it would be best to stick with self-deprecating rather than calling out any boss. Love, HauteAngel

My Ugly Christmas sweater

Christmas with southern spice

I am a self-proclaimed half breed: Half Southern by birth c/o my father born in Johnson City, Tennessee and Half Yankee by birth c/o my mother born in Pontiac, Michigan. Even though she was raised in Miami, Florida, that basically still kept her in the “Yankee” status. I learned this by moving from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida at 15 to Chattanooga, Tennessee to be immediately classified, a “Yankee”. This always confused me but I learned to accept it, as well as the difference in clothing in the two places. For one thing, I had a lot of bikinis, no coat, mini skirts and shorts. The first day of school, I walked through the halls with the Scarlett “Y” on my chest, dazed in shock at all the overalls, Dickies slacks in every color (this is the horrible era of everything hot pink, navy and kelly green), whale belts, and Sebagos. Nightmare. I flung myself on my bed that day after school, sobbing in my theatrical manner and told my mother, “They have overalls on and I thought that was a costume on Hee Haw!”

This experience led me to a love and disdain of certain fashions, but the move itself led me to my eventual husband (now of 29 years) and two beautiful kids. So Dickies be damned, I became a Southerner and I love everything about it. My mother is a staunch outlier toward most things Southern, but she’s cute and related, so I’ll keep her.

I wanted to share with my readers some fun Southern gift ideas:

Get everyone this book: Stop Dressing Your Six-Year-Old Like a Skank

1) This book is sure to get the giftee talking and laughing, guffawing, hands downs. A signed copy was gifted to me and I delight in it still. It’s a rowdy collection of essays, where Ms. Rivebbark takes on baristas (“It’s America, call ‘em what they are, COUNTER HELP”), the Cruise/Holmes pod baby, skanky kids clothes and how to make sure your precious child gets a seat at the Disney character breakfast (or you’ll risk eating chicken out of a bucket with Sneezy). While Celia had rather walk on her lips than say something mean, she doesn’t mind WRITING plenty of mean stuff. Dig in; it’s delish.

Rivenbark has seven or so more books out that are equally delightful. She clearly understands than there is no rude comment that can’t be forgiven if it’s followed with, “Bless her heart!” As in, she’s dumber than a bag of rocks, bless her heart.

Although Southern folk love dressing to the nines, seersucker suits and sweet tea, we have a wicked sense of humor and adore Ugly Christmas sweater parties. My place of work is actually having a contest this year. Check out Ugly Christmas Sweatter Ugly Christmas Sweaters best offerings in sizes XS-XXXL, but wait, they don’t just have sweaters, they now have THE BEST Ugly Christmas Jackets! Plus customers get FREE SHIPPING on all order now through December 13th, use code FREESHIP. A few of their horrifying offerings are as follows:

Sequin Gingerbread Man Blazer Jacket

Red 3-D Christmas Sweater with Stuffed Moose

Christmas Cardigan with Bow!

Not to be outdone by any Ugly Sweater, the true Southern lady appreciates high quality fashions.

SheFINDS has reported Saks Fifth Avenue has cashmere sweaters buy one, get one free right now. This is the time to get a great investment piece with another one to gift to a lucky person.

Cashmere Cable-Knit PulloverPlaid Front Cashmere SweaterCashmere Cowlneck Tunic

The thing I love about Christmas the most at home is putting a blend of spices, oranges and cranberries on our pot belly stove to simmer and make the house smell divine. Use this recipe:

This simmering potpourri is simple to make, and will have your whole house smelling like a holiday.

Gather These Supplies:  Bay leaves, orange, lemon, cranberries, cloves, and cinnamon sticks

The best thing about this potpourri is that you can mix and match it to fit your needs. If you have everything but the cranberries, don’t fret! Just add the remaining ingredients! Don’t have a pantry stocked with bay leaves, that’s okay! But, the base of this potpourri is the cloves and the orange. Those should ALWAYS be present in the recipe.

To begin your simmering potpourri, first measure out 4 cups of water and add it to a deep pot.

Measure four cups of water.

Pour your water into a deep pot.

Next, add the cinnamon sticks. You can use as many as you like. The more, the better in my opinion! For this batch, I add 5.

Add cinnamon sticks to your simmering potpourri. You can use as many as you want, but 5-6 is ideal.

Then, add the bay leaves. Again, add what you have on hand. If you have 2, toss them in! This time around, I add 4.

Add bay leaves to your homemade simmering potpourri.

Next, add the cranberries. I add ½ cup.

One half cup of cranberries.

My favorite! The cloves are added next. They add the perfect touch of spicy goodness. For this batch, I added 2 tablespoons. If you want a more clove enhanced scent, feel free to add more.

Add two tablespoons of whole cloves.

Then, add your citrus. Slice up an orange and a lemon and toss them into the pot. This adds a fresh smell to your simmering potpourri.

Add a sliced orange to your potpourri gives it a citrus kick.Slice your lemon before adding it to your pot, for a citrus kick to your simmering potpourri.

That’s it! Set your burner to low and allow it to simmer. Love, HauteAngel

Photographs and Recipe c/o The SITS Girls

Stella & DOt–dot dollars are back


Happening now, just for the holidays, Stella & Dot is having their famous DOT DOLLARS sale. For every $50 spent, customers will get $25 back! All the details you need are below.

Dot Dollars

In 3 Easy Steps

1. For every $50 you spend between November 13th to December 15th, you earn $25 Dot Dollars.
2. On December 30th, 2014 you will receive an e-mail directing you to your Stella & Dot Account Page where your promo codes will live. Each code represents a $25 Dot Dollars award.
3. You can apply $25 Dot Dollars to every $50 you spend between December 30th – January 7th.

HauteAngel’s recommendations for Stocking Stuffers:

For your Hunger Games lover: The $19 Wishing Arrow bracelet is the perfect reminder to fulfill dreams. It features a sliding knot closure for adjustable length, shiny gold plating, and a citron cord.

Gold Cord Arrow Wishing Bracelet | Stella & Dot

Canary cushion drop earrings, perfect for every occasion and at $34, these exquisite drop earrings with cushion cut, canary-colored glass stones are a great gift for your lady.

Gold Cushion Drop Earrings | Stella & Dot

Eye Candy Necklace in pink or green for $49


These stunning Casablanca Chandelier earrings are $59, so you get back $25 to spend on someone else, maybe on yourself. I still need earrings to go with my Gatsby-style dress for Sara’s wedding in June. Wouldn’t these be perfect! For $79, you can purchase a matching bracelet.

Casablanca Chandeliers & Stud Earrings | Stella & DotCrystal Casablanca Bracelet | Stella & Dot

On sale for $29.40, this gold stacking ring is very hot this season and a great price to boot.

Paloma Stacked Rings by Stella & Dot. Image of five shiny gold plated brass bands with glass pave stones.

Lions, tigers and leopard Ipad Mini Cases for $35.40, oh my!Chelsea Mini iPad Case - Leopard by Stella & DotChelsea Mini iPad Case - Leopard by Stella & Dot

Not to ignore the zebras (especially with jewels), get one of these cute Capri pouches for $36

jeweled zebra-base

Happy Hunting! Love, HauteAngel

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Cyber Monday deals by hauteangel

Black Friday is great but Cyber Monday deals (that start early) are even better! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. I took my kids to Mineral Bluff, Georgia for the holiday at my brother’s mountain home. My parents came up from Florida, my sister and her family from Alabama and my brother’s two girls who are attending Auburn University. It was so much fun and my mom entertained all of us making her “Best Carrot Cake Ever” recipe. I will give it to you before Christmas, promise. We had tons of good food and fellowship. These nuggets of love below are 20-26 years of age now and that is mind blowing!


There are some great sales going on tonight and tomorrow. So get your Christmas shopping done early, put your feet up and remember what is truly of value: God, Family and Friends. I wanted to share some great deals and coupons, enjoy:

Heels.com – Take 35% Off Sitewide + Free Shipping with code SAVE35

Joe’s Jeans

30% off + Free Shipping at JOE'S

Komorov –


Les Nouvelles

Shop the Les Nouvelles Black Friday Sale

Cents of Style -Cents of Style’s Cyber Monday deal is LIVE now! All t-shirts are on sale for 60% off the regular price. Plus, a FREE bracelet with each order, use code: CYBER.

IMAGE: T-Shirts- 60% off & FREE SHIPPING w/ Code CYBER, +FREE Bracelet

Cuddl Duds

Holiday Savings - 30% off all!

1928 Jewelry –

More Black Friday Deals!



Coyuchi – New Sale Items — Save 40% Off All Discontinued Markdowns & Get Free Shipping On Orders Over $300

SAVE 20% On Bedding Inserts & Get Free Shipping On Orders Over $300 Now At Coyuchi.com! Click Here!

Rent The Runway

Jane will give three people $200 Paypal gift cards, enter to win now:

Enter the Weekly Giveaway

Nasty Gal has new clothing options and a section of vintage clothing, which is my favorite.

Weekend Sale



LA Made –

Extra 20% off


600x600 BlackFriday

Big Drop NYC –

Shop Sale: New Markdowns Up To 60% Off!


BKRM 300x250


Online Only - 40% Off Activewear @ maurices.com!


30% Off Site + Free Shipping Over $25 at BlackheartLingerie.com!

M&J Trimming

Take 20% Off Ribbon at M & J Trimming! Use code RIBBON201 in your shopping cart. Valid: 11/6/14-12/25/14. Shop now!

Clinch Gear


Fashion To Figure – BOGO 50% Off + BOGO FREE on Sale Items. Code: BOGOEXTRA. Or get 20% off your entire purchase when you buy an item in the Gift Guide using code: GIFTY.

BOGO 50% Off + BOGO FREE on Sale Items with Code: BOGOEXTRA at FTF.com



Five Four Club

Receive a free bonus item.

Embi, use coupon code: Extra10 – Xmas Sale up to 50% Off! Free Shipping. Extra 10% Off US $100 or More!

Embi Bags Mint Green Clutch Wallet 300x250 Xmas Sale

Dr. Brandt Skincare

Ceyeber Monday - 40 % Off Sale

Love, HauteAngel



Alternative Apparel:Get your fill of cozy basics from Alternative Apparel with 30 percent off of orders over $75 starting on Nov. 26 (use the code THANKFUL) and on Dec. 1 take 30 percent off sitewide wit hthe code CYBER30

Cosabella:Sexy lingerie may be on the way. Cosabella is offering 40 percent off site wide starting on Nov. 28. Be sure to use codes BLACKFRIDAYAFF and CYBERMONDAYAFF to get in on the deal

ModCloth: With 50 percent off tons of new arrivals, what’s not to love about Modcloth‘s holiday sale?

Today is a rainy, slushy mess in the Northeast, and the only way to combat weather-related sadness is with retail-related therapy. Aka, buy yourself a new pair of cute rain boots. And–what do you know?! Hunter is conveniently having a sale today on their classic rain boots in a variety of colors and styles, including the Original Tall, Original Short, Original Chelsea Bootie (my favorite!) and more.


Editor’s picks: Original Clear Leg Wellington Boots ($149, down from $250), Original Tall Rain Boots ($98, down from $148), Original Stripe Wellington Boots ($115, down from $160).

Love, Haute Angel

*This post contains Affiliate links