Decorating and Wedding Planning


I am happy to have the time to add the extra touches to decorative items for my daughter’s wedding next June. Her fiance’, Chris, is a Marine deployed to the Balkans right now. They are a fun couple and have decided on a Gatsby 1920s themed wedding. The main colors will be gold with touches of ivory and emerald green. We got these great large vases for the reception tables (which will be filled with flowers on that day) and they already had a brass band at the near bottom. But I wanted to bling them out much more for that day.

You will need gold glitter (or color of your choice)

E6000 glue

one paint brush for glue and a larger paint brush for wiping up glitter over and over as you go

A plastic mat or plate to lay the vase on top of as you work, then to collect the leftover glitter

1. Squeeze out the glue into a container


2. Place your glitter into a larger bowl



Below is the vase before glitterfying:


3. Lay the vase down and start applying the glue to the entire brass band with a small, flat paint brush so it’s smoothed out


4. Once you’ve gone around the entire band, take the dry paint brush and gently dust the glitter over the band stopping to turn the vase gently as you go until you’ve gone all the way around.


5. Allow to sit and dry, then gently brush the excess glitter onto your undertray or plate, brush all back into the bowl and begin the next vase. Two tiny vials of glitter worked for 10 of these large vases. I went back and reapplied glue in tiny places it didn’t take perfectly and reapplied more glitter for an extra blingy look. the 1920’s was the era of excess after all.

Finished product!


The last picture is of the headbands we had made for the bridesmaids to wear with their gold flapper dresses on the special day.

Love, HauteAngel

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One comment

  1. eleanorparkersapia · October 11, 2014

    My daughter’s 2015 wedding has the same theme-1920’s. Great ideas! Thank you for your visit and follow yesterday, much appreciated! I am now following you 🙂 x


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